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The Sound of Harmony Band of Boston is performing in Karak, Jordan

The above band is supposedly to perform in Karak this evening. I read an Ad in Alghad newspaper yesterday evening. This activity is one of the very first activities of the Jordan Vestival. They specified the date but not the time.

I searched in google news… I searched in Jordanian Newspapers websites but never found an answer. The best I could find was in Alrai newspaper. It only confirmed to me that the event will be held today’s evening in Marj, Karak. But when?

Today’s morning, before 8 o’clcok, No Ad was hanged on the north gate of Mu’tah university. Where can I find the timing? Please…

I will call a friend of mine (Mazen Kh) to inquire;  he lives in Marj. maybe he saw an Ad on his way to university.

If it turned out that I have no exam tomorrow, I will make sure to attend this event held by this American band.

Googling the name of this band gave me no clear results. Either the name is wrong, or, maybe the band is not very famous. Will a famous and very prestigous band agree to perform in a small place like Karak?

Since I put the name of this band as the title of my post, will this post appear in google search engine when a person want to get information about this mysterious band? Will my post be one of the top 10 results?

Lets wait and see… In the mean time, dear reader, if you arrived to my blog through google after searching for “The Sound of Harmony Band!” Can you publish this interesting information in the “comment” section below… Thanks!