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English Village in Mu’tah University Started on Sunday

I met 2 Amreican volunteers till now. The man, named Adam, is a unique person. He is the kind of of teacher you will remeber till the end of your life.

I was surprised to know that there were Iraqi Kurdish students studying in Mu’tah university. Four are part of the English village.

Today, Chris is gonnna give us his first lecture. Will he be as shy as he is in public buses? Will he be as confident and funny as Adam is? Will he be as courageous as Rachel was in front of the angry doctor who wanted to get us out of the classroom? Will he control the lesson strongly as both Adam and Rachel did?

A guy told me that Rachel is married to a Tarawneh man. Really? If so, I wonder what personality doles this person have that he was able to make an American women, of different culture and different standard, to fill in love with him?!

Who is to be blamed more on poverty, governments or individuals? My opinion was that it depends on what country that individual lives in. If he is a hardworking person but lives in a country where there are no jobs, and if there are jobs, they generate low salaries, then the blame is not his but on his country. Don’t you think that my opinion is correct?