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How to increase the number of comments that appear under a youtube video from 10 to 500?

Sometimes, there are a lot of comments under a youtube video. What if you are interested in reading them all? Unfortunately, youtube only shows 10 comments/page. As you probably have noticed, there are videos that contain hundreds, thousands, and up to millions of comments (See this example of viral Justin Beieber video: 8,317,550 comments at this moment). Therefore, to read a large number of comments 10 at a time is a very tiring process.

As usual, I searched google for a solution using keywords like: increase comments under youtube video, see more comments youtube, show all comments under youtube video… My trials were all futile.

Later on, I noticed that one google result took me to a youtube video page that contains hundreds of comments. I counted the number of comments and it turned to be very large: 500 comments/page!

The question is: Can this be reproducible? Yes, you can do it for any video you want. You can make youtube show 500 comments per page.

How can you show 500 comments/page?

1) In the address bar, locate the  URL of the video. For example, this video of Prof. Stephen Hawking:

2) In the URL, notice this part (watch).


3) Delete it and type (all_comments) instead of it so that the title of this video becomes:

You are done! Try this with any video you like. The only problem, if any, is that you cannot watch the video when you show 500 comments/page. Youtube shows, in addition to the 500 comments/page, three thumbnails of the video in addition to its title, number of views, when added, and the user who added it.


Other examples:

1) ==>

2) ==>

3)  ==>

Was I the first? The search engine terms that bring visitors to my blog will reveal it. However, I highly think that it will be a matter of using the wrong terms.