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Jackson Cha: Arrived, slept, then left Smakieh

Thursday afternoon, at about 3 o’clock, I and Jackson Cha arrived at Smakieh. I brought him from the South Bus Terminal in Amman.

Jackson slept at my house for 2 days. “I will never forget Somakkieh!” Said he at almost 7 o’clock this morning on the circle of Smakieh. He pronounced the name of my village in the weirdest pronunciation I’ve ever heard. It sounded funny!

At about 7:25, we both boarded Hamideh Villages-Amman bus. He chose a single seat. I talked to HH; a policeman who was wearing the national uniform of Jordanian traffic police. I told Hussam to “take care” of Jackson.

Next, I paid the bus fee of Jackson. It now costs 1.5 JD. Yesterday, Fuel prices were raised. Next, I came back to Smakieh. Jackson Cha was generous and courageous enough to not allow me to accompany him to Amman. I explained to him that I had a hard exam on Monday.

When I arrived home, I slept till 11 o’clock. I called Jackson seconds after the Alarm Clock went off. “I am sorry I didn’t call you.” He said immediately. “I arrived 2 hours ago!” Said he. I smiled. He then told me that he is copying the images he took in Smakieh on a DVD. He said that he is going to send me a copy in a mail message.

Will the DVD work after being sent using normal mail ? I hope so! I need those photos to describe not only the visit but many future posts about Smakieh, Traditions, Customs, etc.

All in all, it was a great experience I lived the previous two days. It showed me a hidden aspect of some of Smakieh people. How shy was i to discover some facts! I will talk about this in the future.

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