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Mu’tah University Graduation- Facultly of Medicine and Nursing

At 11 o’clock, Prince Muna Al Hussien patronaged the graduation ceremony of the 3rd batch Medical students in Mu’tah University. Nursing students did participate in the graduation as well.

The 3rd batch of Medical students consisted of more than 60 students. The ceremony took place in the faculty of Sport Science. It was attened by a large number of people.

I liked the moment when the medical students read the Medical Oath.

The ceremony took less than 40 minutes. Amazing! How beautiful is short, precise, and compressed events!

Prince Muna had a white hair. She came 5 minutes before 11 o’clock. It is opposite to all events I eveer attended! They always start late by at least 5 or 10 minutes! I like it!

No lecture were given today. I feared that a lecture will be given at 11 o’clock. I expected that because doctors of the Faculty of Medicine never miss a lecture. The doctor didn’t! Yahoooo!

Should I come to university this week? I don’t want to expect on Wednesday because we have a lecture in the faculty of Medicine. I am happy to have extra days of holiday despite the fact that this is not officially announced by the university. We, students, can deduce it from the fact that the next 3 days will witness graduation ceremonies of different faculties.