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Moabite in JUST

I am now sittin in the computer lab of the the only veternary clinic in Jordan; Veternary clinic of JUST.

The lab is small. It only has less than 15 computers. It has, however, a condition. The manager of the lab has just closed the windows and then has turn it on. Because of the small size of the lab,I can already feel the coolness of the condition.

What is weird in this lab is that it has a TV. Moreover, the window edges are filled with plants of at least 6 different types. Moreover, my brothers colleagues look different than students in Mu’tah university; Many has white complexion. But what is most noted is that most, if not all, of them dress neatly and expensively.

Is JUST different than Mu’tah? I haven’t seen much yet; I entered through the main gate and directly headed to the veternary college. The design of the building is extremely different than those of Mu’tah; I think it would take me days to get used to the patterns of pathways, hallways, and classrooms.

I didn’t find any hardship entering through the main gate; There were no one of the blue-colored guards close-by. The University has quite a good number of students; maybe this is a small number in JUST standards.