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Is it Hallal to greet Christians in their feasts? *****

The day after tomorrow is my mid-endocrine exam… When will I finish it?

In the Christmas of 2008, I discovered a un-nice trait of some of my Muslim colleagues. I was shocked to find out that some think that it is “Haram” to greet Christians in their feasts. Is it true? This is why I, and my Christian colleagues, were ignored by some students.

Where did they bring such a point of view? Does Islam teach not to greet Christians in their feasts? Or, as I expect, is it the type of interpretation of Islamic teachings that a Muslim would follow? Should all Muslims greet or not greet Christians in their feasts? Finally and most importantly, I want to know the point of view of modern Muslim teachers especially Amro Khalid. Will Amro Khalid ever wish a Christian a ‘happy Easter’ or a ‘Merry Christmas’? In order to find out, I will see what google will say!

On the other hand, but what does my Catholic Christianity teach? Should a Catholic greet non-Christians or even non-Catholics in their feasts? What if I found that my religion teaches me the same insensitive, inhuman, and inconsiderate behavior? Should I follow it? I pray not!

Personally, this experience taught me how terrible a person feels because of his presumably ‘free choice’ in choosing religion! What is the point in letting the person has a ‘free choice’ in choosing his religion, then letting them pay the price of their choice when it is not as I like?

Today is 23 of May. When the summer semester begins, I want to research this subject. I am eager to know the true teachings of both religions about this subject.