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Swine flu in Jordan, did it reach Smakieh?

During the previous days, we heard news about cases of Swine flu in Jordan. Most of the cases, however, were of people who came to Jordan from USA or whatever foregin country.

My village, Smakieh, is surrounded by Pigs farms. One of which, owned by an Amareen man from Hmood, is less than 500 meters westward from the village.

Despite all the trials of Smakieh people to move the farm, their dream never came true. Now, after the discovery of Swine flu in Jordan, the demand for the relocation or closure of the farm is more essential than ever!

Minutes ago, I was waiting to attened my first lecture of the summer semester. We students see each other after the summer holiday. During shaking hands and kissing, I headed happily to this person whom I considered a good friend of mine. I was shocked!

We shook hands. I then neared him so as to kiss! He refused! He said, with no smile so as to indicate a joke or something, “You have Swine flu” I didn’t know what to say! “It is the neibouring village!” Yes, the owners of the big swine farms, the one which made it to the news, are of Hmood village.

He didn’t say anything nor change his stiff facial expression. “Do you really mean it?” Another friend of mine was standing by us. He then left immediately after murmuring something unheared.

“It is what they tell us in the news, no kissing!” He explained as sure as an innocent defendant.

What could I say? Smakieh peopel do not own those big farms… They don’t generate imaginary money from this trade… They only receive the smells and pissimistically enough, the H1N1 virus… At the end? I, as a Smakieh resident, be put in such a position where I am ignored by a person whom I always simle when meeting him.

Is it fair! How much I hate my co-villagers, those who keep silent about the farms… Smakieh deserves it! Its sons are not there to defeand it! How coward I am and are my co-villagers who are silent about this humiliatino!