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Arabisch für Deutsch in Amman, Jordanien (Arabic-German Language Exchange in Amman, Jordan)

Flag of Jordan in Petra

Flag of Jordan in Petra. Source: Flickr account of patrikneckman.


ich heiße Jameel Hijazeen. Ich bin ein Arztpraktikant. Ich lerne Deutsch, weil ich die Facharztausbildung in Psychiatrie oder Neurologie in Deutschland machen möchte.

Ich studiere Deutsch im LGC (Language Generation Center), an der Universität Jordanien Straße in Amman. Ich bin jetzt auf dem Niveau A2.2.
Ich treffe mich regelmäßig mit drei deutschen Sprachpartnerinnen. Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich viel Zeit und möchte immer neue deutscheSprachpartnern/partnerinnen kennenlernen.

Ich lerne oft in der Bibliothek der Universität Jordanien. Wir können uns also in der Universität oder in der Universitätsstraße treffen. Oder wir verwenden Skype und unterhalten uns hier.

Ich freue mich, von Ihnen/Euch zu hören.

Liebe Grüße,
Jameel Hijazeen











Skype: FromEarthWithLove


Mobile Phone: 00962-79-5746872



Jameel Hijazeen, MD.


I am an intern (training doctor) from Jordan. In August 2014, I will travel to Germany in order to get a medical specialty (Die Facharztausbildung). I am now in German Level A2.2.

I am excited about learning the German language for many reasons. Firstly, I love learning and I am very excited about becoming trilingual. Secondly, Germany is a great country and I want to be able to learn the language of to such a country. Thirdly, I love psychiatry and the greatest piece of news I heard regarding the German language was that the Austrian doctor Freud (the founding father of psychoanalysis) spoke German. What is more, Freud wrote his books in German. I cannot wait to be able to read his work in German!

Apart from loving learning, I love blogging, traveling, talking with people who I don’t know, running, research, and reading.

I like things to be concise and precise. As a result, I prefer that language exchange sessions be carefully timed and carefully invested. I promise that I would do my best to help. I had previous experience in language exchange with Americans learning Arabic. Also, since June, I have language exchange experience with 3 German ladies and 1 Austrian lady. I think I did and I am doing well. I hope I will do well too with you.

We can either meet in person or via Skype.

Try me 🙂

German Movies Series at Goethe Institute, Amman, Jordan

Goethe Institutes Logo


I have attended two movies so far in Goethe institute Amman. I mainly attended these movies because I wanted to improve my German.  No one told me how things happen when these movies are shown. Here I am now trying to give a picture of what takes place each time a movie is shown. Overall, my experience was great!


A man from the Institute, who seems to me a good expert on movies, gives a few minutes of explanation in "German" regarding the background of the movie (the actors, the directors, the plots, the prizes the movie won; if any, important points to concentrate on, etc.). Can all the audience fully understand what is said? The answer is no and this is easily deduced because the head of Goethe Institute in Amman always translates what is being said in German.

We then watch the movie which is shown with subtitles (in the previous two times, they were Arabic).

After the movie finishes, and this is the best part in my opinion, the audience discusses the movie. This is a very beautiful thing because I am always impressed by the different ways each one seem to understand the movie. “Did we watch the same movie?” I one time asked myself.

Sometimes, points of disagreement arise. Each one would then have a chance to explain his point of view. The discussion takes place in German. At least, at the beginning! But as the heat of discussion increases, or as some of the non-German speaking people want to participate, the discussion ends in English. Very interesting!

"User discretion is advisable" as the movies are shown in full without any kind of censorship of the sexually-explicit contents. So, there will come the moments in which there are no clothes… kissing… so on and so forth of these scenes that are NEVER shown on Arabic channels airing foreign movies. This does not mean that the audience is all-males! Many females are there.

All in all, I have not formulated a full opinion regarding how much “language” benefit you get from attending such an activity by Goethe institute. Because last time, the movie that they showed told the story of an Italian family that immigrated to Germany. Nothing is wrong with the story, on the contrary, it was a nice movie. The problem was that at least 2/3 of the movie was in Italian! “It is a good movie, but I came to Goethe to improve my German”. I raised my hand and gave this feedback during the discussion. I think that they agreed with me.

I highly think that I will re-try the experience and attend others movies at Goethe! If the head of Goethe Institute is there translating and attending the movie with us, then this shows me how carefully prepared this activity is!

An Ad of the coming movie that will be shown in Goethe on 31.10.2013