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Whether or Rest in Piece (RIP) (26.01.2013)!

Approximately one year ago, exactly on 14.02.2012, I and probably millions around the world discovered that the great books sharing website,, was shutting down:

Hours ago, every time I tried to visit, I was immediately redirected to But why?

It turned out that is shutting down… was shut down by a court order issued by “The International Publishers Association and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association”. Now, what is more depressing, is that visiting, gets you immediately redirected not to Google Books but to the website of “International Publishers Association”!!!

You can try it yourself: Visit

The loss of was a very major blow to those who wanted to download free books from the internet (if you are against such websites and think that this is illegal and unethical, you can read the discussion that took place here in my blog because I was LIKE you).


For months, I could not find a good alternative to Nonetheless, I later discovered two websites that seemed to be excellent alternatives: and

LegalReads: Successor of

These two websites shared links in the same file hosting website (I can’t remember it). That lead me to ask the following in my Blog on 20.10.2012:

I noticed that CoinRead has the same kind of links as legalreads. Could it be that owners of both websites are the same? Legalreads is not generating any money while coinread can and will!

About a month later, it turned out that I was correct in my speculations:

I guess my speculations [are] in there place [in] that both websites are owned by the same people. The reason? Now, when you visit, you find yourself directed immediately!

This explains why they had the same type of links! Legalreads was totally free! As I said, coinread can generate money while legalreads could not!


To be able to download books freely, CoinRead required a sign-in using a Google account. Some books, however, were reserved for those who bought “e-coins”. Nonetheless, the books which needed to be paid for (as I deduced) were only those which are most recent. Still, this was a good bargain! These guys needed money to operate their websites and it is good enough from them not to ask for e-money in return for all books!

Few days separate us from probably some people celebrating the “shutting down” of It seems that such people will have another thing to celebrate. Just like last year I was shocked with the closure of, minutes ago, I was shocked to read the following message on visiting

26-January-2013 :: THE END OF COINREAD 

Coinread is no more. Unfortunately we have to close our doors and switch off the site since we can not continue to offer direct downloads to users, we tried collecting donations but that wouldn’t cover the large costs of offering over a million books. 

I guess we live in a world where there are many people who want to fill their containers, but no place where they can fill them!