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German Archaeologist Dr. Udo Vorshack ***

Udo Vorshack

Last year, for one day, I luckily had the honor of meeting and seeing the European man in the above image. This man lived in Smakieh during last summer. He was part of a German Archaeological team that worked in Khirbat Balua (Baloua) northern of Smakieh, Karak.

He is a German Archaeologist. He told me that he got his PhD from an American University. After being baffled, I asked him why he studied in the USA. Don’t they have good universities in Germany? “This University has a good Archaeology department!” He answered confidently.  The Bedouin workers called him “Abu Hanna”. Hannah is the Arabic translation of the name of the oldest son of this doctor. His son’s name is like “Johanos”.

He is quite a nice person. Though he has a PhD, he is very modest. He has got a sense of humor. He is generous as well. If I had the chance of working with this man, I would certainly have improved my personality. I ruined my future with him! I was like a hungry man who found food… I kept asking him questions about the Archaeological history of the region! He must suspected that I am a spy or whatever!

I found the above image in a LiveJournal diary. He is back here in Jordan this year. This time, however, this Archaeological team didn’t rent a house in Smakieh  How unlucky are Smakieh people!

Now is the important question: Is the man in the above picture Dr. Udo Vorshack?

By writing this post about this doctor, I hope that whoever will google the name “Udo Vorshack” will arrive at this post. Maybe “Udo Vorshack” himself will arrive at this page! Who knows!

Do you see Udo Vorshack in the

above picture?