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When one girl sings vs. When “another “ woman sings


This video and the video that follows are of the same song “Vola Palombella” (أغنية طيري طيري أو بولا بولا). However, they are delivered differently. In the above video, a cute little girl is singing the song; she is lebanese and her name is “Nadeen Dareefeh نادين ظريفة”. In an Italian contest in 1980, this song won the “Golden medal” for “The best lyrics of a children song”[2].


Nadeen Dareefa, 1980

Unfortunately, the singer that you see below stole this song and published a for-adults videoclip version of it. I copied the following three photos from the personal website[1] of the “thief” singer.

Nadina - Lebanese Singer Nadina - Lebanese Singer Nadina - Lebanese Singer

This was a children song. Therefore, I can not understand why this woman choose this song in particular in order to “ruin” it? Couldn’t she have chosen another song?

I have no objection against the freedom of choice; if a woman freely chosese to dress in a certain way, whether too “conservatively” or too “un-conservatively”, and as long as this doesn’t affect the society negatively, then she is free to do what she likes. But in this case here, the singer above chose a song that was produced firstly to be a children’s song and then made the new video clip of it.

Watch the new version of the song:


What is the “hidden” relation between the two songs?

Apparently, they have the same lyrics. Yes, but there is a much more important similarity… But would you believe me?

Nadina - Lebanese Singer  = Nadina

Well… Umm… The two singer are one person!!! The second women is the grown up “Nadeen”. The following is an exerpt of a wikipedia article about this song:

أرادت نادينا إعادة إحياء الأغنية فغنتها باللغتين العربية والإيطالية بعنوان “Vola Palombella” بإيقاع جديد وتعاقدت مع مخرج إيطالي-كندي اسمه سيلفيو بوليو (Silvio Pollio) لتصوير فيديو كليب لها عام 2007 شاهده أكثر من 130 ألف مشاهد على موقع يوتيوب.

Nadeena wanted to revive this song so she sang it in both Arabic & Italian by the title of “Vola Palmobella” with a new melody and she made a contract with a Canadian director named Silvio Pollio to photoshoot a video clip for it in 2007 which was viewed more than 130,000 visitors on youtube”[2]

In response to what you see above, I found an article which was published in the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Safeer”. The article was entitled, “It is enough for the bird to fly once!!!”. The following is written at the end of the article:

“ماذا لو… أن «طوم وجيري» شاخا؟ مؤكد أن هذا الأمر سيسبب لي، ولكثر غيري، حالاً من الإرباك…”
ولا بد أن تختنق العصافير في الأماكن الضيقة، فمكانها الحقيقي ليس بين دخان النراجيل أو في المرابع الليلية، ولو أن هذه الأماكن تظل جيدة للسهر والتسكع.
وربما، أن طفلاً في داخلي ما زال يرفض أن يكبر، ويرفض أن تتغير الأشياء من حوله. طفل يفضل رؤية العصفورة وهي تطير كما طارت في المرة الأولى.”[3]

“… What if Tom and Jerry became old? Certainly, this will cause me, and many others, a state of confusion.

Birds would likely suffocate in close places, because its real place is  not between the smoke of hookahs or in “night places”, even though these places remains a good place for spending nights and roaming.

Maybe, a small child inside me is still refusing to grow up, and refuses for things to change around  him. A child that prefers to see the bird flying like it did in the first time.


Update 27.04.2012: Because of the good traffic I am getting from the photos of Nadina posted above, here are more photos of the “new” Nadina Zarifeh [4]:












[1] Personal website of Nadina,

[2] Wikipedia, “طيري طيري يا عصفورة”,

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[4] Two Facebook pages called “Nadina Zarifeh”, &, retrieved 27.04.2012

Is it necessary to get a high average in University?

Tomorrow… Wait… I need to know what time it is right now. Is it before or after midnight? It is after midnight. Time is 12:33 am.

Today, I have an Islamic Culture exam at 11 am. Instead of studying, I went to bed at about 12 o’clock. I couldn’t sleep. Here I am writing a diary entry.

Let me put it straightforward: I don’t care what marks I am going to get! I am only interested in passing university! Yes, only getting an saverage above 60! Speculate what you want, I am not studying anything but Medical courses.

On Monday, I am having the final exam of the Horticulture course taught by Dr. Sa’ed Ewas. I have a Clinical Psychology exam on Tuesday. What should I study, Elective courses or Medical courses? I will study this elective course only on Sunday! I want just to learn Medicine! Screw the marks!

My marks are:

1. Islamic Culture: 43/50. How much will I get in the final exam? I totally depend on collecting the questions before doing the computerized exam. Students who enter first, will give us the questions they got. I will wait till 1 o’clock to do the exam.

2. Horticulture: 43/50. The worst mark I can get in the final exam is 25/50. The exam is a fifty true\false questions. 43+25= 68! So what?

In the future, will I regret not caring to get marks? I don’t see why I will!

God, good evening

Good evening,

I don’t know what name to call you? Jesus? God? What about Allah? Shouldn’t I not forget Jeovah? It is really complicated! Every religion call you by a different name. I wish it is only a matter of name! They also differ in their understanding of you. For example, did you come down to earth? Is it as Chrisitians says, “You took flesh form!”? Can it be possible that you, at a certain time, left your thrown up there in the place called heaven? Is it possible that you care enough to come down to Earth? Why for? Aren’t you supposed to be the most supreme and the most high? Why would you then give a chance to a bunch of humans to physically see you? If it is true that you came down to earth, no matter when, I have to admit to you that I will be mad at you.

Do you know how much troubled I am? I am always… well, when I am in trouble, think of you. Could it be possible that you are really listening to our prayers? Do you really care what we humans want? If you can control the earth and every thing in it, will you respond to the requests of talking animals searching, most often, for personal pleasures? If you really listen to us, then you know that most prayers are about wealth, success, cure from a disease, good luck… etc. Don n’t you get bored of such selflish age-long requests? If I am not wrong, no matter what you did, you will keep listening to such prayers. First of all, such kinds of requests are inumberable. Secondly and most importantly, what is the limit to human’s ambitions? There is absolutely nho limit! They always need more! The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Isn’t that correct old chap?

Can I ask a question, I know that it is a personal thing, but I am just curious. How old are you? At school, Christian teacher taught us that you have no beginning and no end. I can understand the no end thing, but when did you started. “Substanec can not be created or destroyed. It changes from one form to another

There must be a god

My first proof for the existence of God:

Goal for living… The reason why to get up every morning. The reason that will make you leave your bed. Simply without God, my life is empty. No matter if I had everything; money, fame, friends, relatives, success, scientific degrees, brand new gadgets, a beautiful wife… Without you, I am nothing. I have no reason to live. I have no aim for my life. You are my aim.

To serve you. To be your image on earth. I am a representative of your on earth. I want your presence in my life to reflect on my relations with my fellow human beings. This is why religions are for. Not to boast that you have the best holy book and that you have the best teachings… True religion lays in your life, in your actions, your dealing with others, your goals in life.

We want to get up, but we can’t.

To you is my shelter, t

A prayer to me, salvation of people

The sitting in the souls of people have lengthened

Help me you mighty, help me you

We want to get up, but we can’t

Help me you might, help me you

Happy Independence day

Jordan: Happy Independence Day

Today, may 25th, is the 62nd anniversary of the independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

I wish my country all prosperity and advancement. I hope that, when next year come, all of our fuel problems, by the help of the oil rock, will have been solved.

Jordan might not a huge or rich country. But, I am sure that it is rich in the goodness of its citizens. Having all the money of the world isn’t as important as being the way simple Jordanians are. If you want to know what I mean, why not come and visit Jordan? “We should be like you!” A Canadian volunteer once told me envying what he experienced of the generosity and kindness of many Jordanians.

All in all, most people in the world love their countries. In my opinion, one must be faithful to the country where he was born. After all, an Arab poet once said:

بلادي وإن جارت علي عزيزة

وأهلي وإن ظنوا عليّ كرامُ

Trying to bring a suitable translation:

My country, even if it was unfair to me, is dear.

My family members, even if they thought badly about me, are benevolent.

Egyptian vs. Iraqi Professors

I am perplexed. the following question has been occupying my mind for the previous weeks. Currently at as a first year medical students in the second semester, I am taught by 3 Iraqi doctors, and 2 Egyptian doctors. The method of teaching of the 2 groups is 180 degrees different.

Iraqi doctors explain only using PowerPoint presentations without any additional papers explaining the material. On the contrary, Egyptian doctors give, in addition to PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs explaining whatever was explained in the lecture. As a result, I don’t have a problem when studying for a subject taught by an Egyptian doctor because I already have the material which I know, 100%, that questions would come from. While in subjects taught by the lovely Iraqis, we are constantly told: “The power Point slides are not enough. You must study on the books which I referred to.” You can’t imagine how this simple answer could cause hardship while studying books containing many pages which most of which are not necessarily in our level as first year students.

“When I was a students like you,” Dr. Hani Azawi said on anatomy lecture on Tuesday (I know hundred 100% that he talked about ‘Abdominal Aorta’, I can’t be sure of any other thing until I listen to the recording.), “I used to skip lectures with doctors who used to give us papers. There is no learning if you don’t search and find the information yourself.” Is it logical?! To be neutral, his point of view is some what logical. However, it needs a lot of hard work.

The Chinese Ten Commandments

I printed this article from a post I found in some forum back some years ago, I could only find the first page of this article.It contains only 3 commandments, only the title of the forth one appears on the paper.

1. The good skills of life: Don’t mock the others and thier rosy private dreams especially those whom you think to be less than you, from the simple and good-natured people. For the statue of your servant at God’s higher and more prestigous than you and than most of the most important of people, and you might get their intercesion at the doom’s day and dont’ belittle the value of the dreams for the world without it is a dry and boring journey no matter how beautiful the reality is.

2. The good skills of conversation: Think long and deduce long and speak little and don’t diregard all what you hear but store it because it is of certainity that you will need it in teh future.

3. The good skills of apologizing: Don’t hesitate to apologize to those whom you committed wrong against them and look into their eyes and say the word : “Sorry” so that he would read it in your eyes while he is listening to it by his ears.

4. The good skills of dealing: [Text missing…]

He Won A Million $, So?!

Have you ever watched the TV program: “Who will win the million?”. This program was ,and I don’t know if it is still, very famous in the Arab world. I don’t know if this is an indication of how famous it is in other places where other versions of the show are shown. Anyway, those who are familiar with the program, know how hard it is to answer 15 questions in order to eventually win the million. In facts, not so many people have had the chance to win that big money!

No one would argue that those people who was able to do it, are really not easy to forget, they are distinguished people. However, not all of them you and I will be remembering for too much. Why? I guess ’cause there are not a few of them! Hence, I believe that among the many people who have won the million so far, it is no longer something very remarkable about someone to win again.

The next youtube video is of a guy who won the million, but wait! He not only won the million, but, and most importantly, he made a difference, what was the difference?! I won’t spoil the video for you. Play it and you will find out…

BTW, did you notice the indescribable smile (at least in my eyes!) on the contestant’s face when the host read the question? A Mona Lisa-like smile in my opinion (some who)! What do you think?

Where do you come from?

What would I do? Every time an American or a European that asks me the question: “Where do you come from?”. I would automatically answer him: “I am from Jordan”. Feeling proud for announcing the name of my country.
But, many of those whom I talk to just won’t show up again after they know where I come from. They are afraid from my country, to be more precise, afraid from any thing coming out from the (peaceful) Middle East.
What shall I do? It really puts me down. Shall I lie? “Oh! I come from China.” or Poland, or any other not Middle eastern country. It is really a tricky question, it has a small answer, but an answer that carries bigger connotations.

What does it mean to deny the country where you come from? To deny your origin. Furthermore, to deny the place where you, your parents, and your ancestors lived all their lifes. And as the Jordanian saying reads: “Only those who are Bastards deny their origin!”. But most importantly, not to be able to force others to respect you the way you are. In other words, not to wear any mask of deception and lying.

I am saying all of this after talking via the Skype to a Spanish guy who accepted to talk to me in the first place because he wanted to practice his English, he called me. After the “Hi” and Hello, he asked me the bloody question:” Where do you come from, Jameel?” He said it with the normal funny tone he had been talking with since he called.
“I am from Jordan!” I answered confidently, forgetting the problem that I always had when mentioning where I come from, especially to those from the upper world, from the so-called: first world.
“Oh! Oh! Jor… Jorda… dan” He repeated as if he heard the weirdest thing ever. His tone changed drastically and he became sick of the conversation as if we had been talking for ages.

Throughout the rest of the 15 minutes I spent with him, I was always the one to start a talk, because he remained silent as if he wants me to infer: “Just go away! Why didn’t you tell me that you are from the fucking Middle East from the beginning?! Why?”.

This one-side conversation lasted what it lasted, then he asked: “Do you log on often to the internet?”. He asked a question that doesn’t lack cunningness.
_”Yes! Somehow!” I answered him not knowing the aim of his question.
_”Then, I will see you later! I gotta go now!”
_”OK… Bye” I said it with the tone like I am some kind of a sub-human being.

Anyway, if this guy calls again, it shows that he is not what I think of him (How naive person I am just to write this sentence!). If not, a sign of how shallow he is, the only thing that I would lose is a “thing” that could improve my English. What is more, I couldn’t expect too much from an Agnostic, those people don’t have any set of ethics to go by!

I will put the meaning of (agnostic) just to my knowledge, ’cause I strongly assume that Mr. Mazen knows what it means. Don’t you know what it means?


Agnostic: noun a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God. (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)

A human is powerless!

Do you know whose photos are these? They are of the same person, he was an Egyptian comedian. Having seen his left photo, I immediately felt gloomy, many question aroused in me; life, death, work, accomplishments, hard-work, the irritating fact that each one of us will have a day where he is on the door steps of death: weak, helpless, lacking interest in life, probably left alone, and most importantly, looking back at the time when he was young. I wish I have done this! I wish I haven’t done this to X and Y! I didn’t express my love and appreciation to my parents, friends, relatives!.

Minutes ago, seeing what has life done to this person, I remembered what was once written centuries ago, what will work now, tomorrow and until…. I leave you with this peace of psalm 103 of David:

15 As for man, his days are like grass,
he flourishes like a flower of the field;

16 the wind blows over it and it is gone,
and its place remembers it no more.

Benjamin Franklin!

Writer, Inventor, Scientist, Humorist, Statesman, Man of courage, charm, and wit… Those words were on the back cover of a book I found by chance today in the university library while searching for travel books about Jordan. The above words were enough to arise my curiosity, they describe a prominent historical figure. Can you think of a person which those words might describe? Do you believe that it is easy to have all of those characteristics in one person?! .
“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”, this is the title of the book which is sitting on my left leg now. It is not a full book, it is a kind of abridged version of the original one. It is stated in the front cover of this book that it is meant: “..for readers whom English is a second language…”.
Though I am having an English exam tomorrow morning, I couldn’t help my self to put the book down. I have almost finished most of it not only because it is very intersting and exciting but also and most importantly, because it has small pages and its vocabulary is very simplified.
Sentences I liked:

“A hard-working man could stand before kings. I was hard-working. I not only stood before kings in later life but I once sat down to dinner with the King of Denmark.

Last but not least, here is the photo of this great multi-talented man.

*. I don’t know about my Biostatistics Exam! It seems that I have made few mistakes (note: (few) not (a few)!). My grade won’t be more than 28! God knows!.
*. More and more rabbits are coming from the ground. The first mother rabbit has had all of her children out. In a new development, the black one’s children have started coming out today! In contrary to their black mother, George says that he saw 5 all white rabbits coming from that hole. I am not sure whether he is exaggerating or not but the thing that I am sure of is that one of her children is the (most white) rabbit I’ve seen since not a short time. It is very beautiful, “Snow-white”, I believe that such a name will perfectly fit him.
*. Tomorrow is the banquet for the sake of my secret benefactor!
*. Finally, I wish my self much luck in tomorrows easy-hard exam. To be more accurate, I should say, today’s exam, it has just overcame 12 PM… I must go sleep now. I wish my self nice dreams too [ 🙂 ]. See ye.

Malcolm & Martin

My Learning Mate from Saudi Arabia (P.S. He doesn’t know about my ********), who is extremely fond of Malcolm X. Malcolm to him is like Nancy Ajram to some Arab guys!. He sent me a youtube video: ‘Malcolm X: Oxford University Debate’. I have listened to some speeches of Malcolm X, but I believe that Martin Luther was more reasonable and friendly in the things he called for. For example, Malcolm X once said: “There is no peace with white man!”. I totally disagree with him on that point, I know that it is hard to make human being “accept each other no matter who they are and where they come from”. However, I believe that peace and mutual respect between humans can be always achieved. By the way, both of the two ended up being assassinated: Martin Luther (on the left) was assassinated on April 4, 1968. While Malcolm X (on the right) was assassinated on February 21, 1965.

I am sharing this video with you, because I liked a phrase Malcolm X had said in it. He said:

“I have more repspect for a man who let me know where he stands, even if he is wrong. Than a one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”

First or Second?

I’ve read an impressive quote a day or two ago. Sorrowfully, I didn’t write it down. As a result, I hope that my memory will not fail me when I write the quote next!

“If you are the first, you are the first. But if you are the second, you are nothing”

What do you think about this quote? Is it true that if you are anything but the first in your field then you don’t worth anything? In my opinion, I believe that every one should try as much as he can to be the best in his field. In other words, if you did something, then do it right.
Talking about people who are first in their fields. I can now only think of Russell Peters, the Indian-Canadian stand-up comic. According to me, he is a genius! So here is one of his hilarious clips… “Hope you’ll enjoy it!” I am not gonna say that, because I am sure that you will like his comedy.

P.S. I am sorry but I don’t know how to put the video directly in my page at the current time [ 😉 ]. Just click on the link below. Sorry again.