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Reverse Music Search: How to search for a song or a piece of music that you do not know?

Have you ever heard an untitled song or a piece of music on your computer or on the internet and wanted to know who is the author of it?

Someone might suggest searching for the song using its lyrics. This is a good suggestion. However, what if the song  is in a foreign language? Moreover, a piece of music, like a symphony for example,  does not have lyrics in the first place so that you can google them.

How can you locate this bloody song or music then?

Well, a certain number of years ago, this was surely technologically impossible. The only way was to let a person who happens to be an expert in songs or symphonies listen… then tell you the answer; if he knows!

Nowadays, an internet website can do this job. You only need to play the song or the music, or more amazingly, “search by your voice by singing or humming” and the site will do the job.


Isn’t this amazing?

Personally, I have tried to locate a piece of music that was played during my high school graduation 6 years ago. For 6 years, I didn’t know the name of that music. Within seconds after using the service of this site, it turned out to be a “The Mass” by “Era”. I tried the website multiple times to locate about a couple of songs and symphonies I have been looking for their authors since years, I was successful in almost all of my trials. The URL of this amazing website is:


How does it work?

1. Play the music on your compute or on the internet. If you have a microphone, you can sing or hum using it. However, I haven’t tried this. I just modifed “Adobe Flash Player Setting” in the website so that the source of recording would be the what is played. See the follwing steps. Skip these steps and move to step 2 if you simply want to “sing or hum”.

A. Select “Click and Sing or Hum”


B. Select “Deny”


C. Click on “Microphone Settings”


D. Select the microphone icon then choose your audio device from the drop down menu seen below. Next, select close.


E. Refresh the website and proceede to the next step.


2. In the main page of the website, click on “Click and Sing or Hum”.

3. Select “Allow” from the box that appeared after the previous step.


4. The site will then start recording.


5. After approximately 10 seconds, the site will stop recording, start recording, and finally show the search results.




Magic! Isn’t it!


This website is not famous. Here are its visitors statistics according to


If google or yahoo or whatever other famous company started providing a similar service, then such a service would probably be a simple thing in the future just like “Reverse Image Search” is nowadays!

Hanckock… You are a new “most” for me…

The most horrible movie I have ever seen since the movie called “A brand new world” is this Hankcock… Shame on you Will Smith!

maybe it can be comprehended by little children!

Shame on you… i regret the 0.20 JD I payed to buy this DVD from downtown amman last friday…


p>I feel sorry for how bad the story is!

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Today’s morning, I downloaded some funny videos from the  internet. It was the first time I use the wireless network of the new Faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah University. It is amazing how Medical Students of Mu’tah University now have a modern and hi-tech faculty! The new faculty costed more than 4 million JDs. How lucky we are!

Many of the names of the downloaded videos contained “Dakota”. I knew that there are American states by this name (South and North Dakotas). I was amazed to find out that it was a girl’s name. This girl do not only have an unusual name, but also she is an unusual child! She aged 9 or 10 years when she won a “Best Actress” Award.

Well, this might be good. But what is most interesting is her personality. Amazing! She is very funny! She acts like an Adult! She is the funniest child I have ever watched!

In one of the interviews, a person shouts amazed, “How cute is she!”.

She is probably and adult now. Will she be as funny as she was when she was 9 or 10-year old?

If you watch her imitating Mexicans, I believe you will think that she needs to be a Stand-up Comedian. How funny, realistic, and beautiful are her imitations!


The world is often unkind to new talents, new creations

Not everyone can become a great artisit, but a great artist can come from anywhere

“You’re Beautiful”

Do you know the singer James Blunt? My first time to get to know this singer was when he was interviewed by Opera. He has a song titled: “You’re Beautiful” Which I like very much. What about you? Don’t you like it? I do think so. Here is a part of the lyrics of this song:

My life is brilliant
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I’m sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won’t lose no sleep on that,
‘Cause I’ve got a plan….

Look what I found by accident when entering the youtube site to search for Mecarina Dance. I found an exact imitation of the song concerning the melody, but look at the lyrisc, I wrote them down. Do you notice any similarity? Your amazement would certainly start when you see the video…

This shape was brilliant
This shape was pure.
I saw 3 angles.
Of that I am sure!
And I saw 3 pointy corners
And then I saw 3 strict size
The top was very narrow
And the base was also wide…