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The weekend was very long! In contrary to the saying that good times pass quickly, I achieved a lot in this weekend and it did not pass quickly! The reason is that on Saturday I remaind in my apartment. I did the groceries shopping on Friday afternoon.

What did I do in the weekend? I re-activated Facebook and then looked a little bit in some of the profiles of my friends, then deactivated it again! I read 3-4 papers over evolutionary psychiatry and read many Wikipedia articles related to evolution and philosophy. Moreover I read almost half of the simplified philosophy book “Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar”. It was intereseting, particularly the jokes in it! Philosophy is interesting. Shall I do a master in philosophy? Are there English master programs in philosophy in Germany? I searched quickly for that a few weeks ago and did not find any! In addition, I washed my clothes for 2,5 Euro! Finally, I bought this certain membership to satisfy my curiosity about something. I think it is too expensive but it, for example, encouraged me today to publish a video about talking history in German. I think it would be a famous video! It is one of its kind on YouTube! Aber speaking about my German grammar, it was horrible! I did not hear myself speaking so long before.I think this is because when I talk in every day life, I try to be quick rather than concentrating about what I am saying. I should correct that! This video helped me realise that very clearly.

Prof. Jean Decety visits Jordan. He mentioned that in a comment adressing me on Facebook 🙂 His lecture in Amman influenced me a lot. Will it influence me more?

I looked into the exam of the MRCPsych. It is not hard. But the question is: Should I remain in the psychiatry? Psychotherapy was very difficult for me. Should I now change the deparment and work with addiction patients? I think so. This seems a good option. I can leran more German and it is not “dangerous” and stressful to work in such a department.

What also? Yes, for the next three weeks I would be working alone in my ward. My senior physician is in holiday for three weeks 🙂

When should I take a holiday?

I should register for CME events!

I habe 4 hours of driving lessons next weeks. They costs a total of 140 Euro! Very expensive! I must learn quickly and get the driving license. Without a car is it a hell here!!!

I was about to sleep and then turned on the laptop and wrote the above. I think it is worth it! I should write more! If I still want to stick to my adolescense fantasy of being a famous writer! Easily just write!


I passed last Monday the theoretical driving license exam.And now I am blogging in English? Why? To reach the largest possible audience? In the last 4-6 weeks I contemplated a lot about improving my German langauge. But this improvement happens very slowly. When I go into bookshops, and they are everywhere here in German, I still could not read and understand what is written in the books. German is very hard! How much more one needs to learn German? Probably a lot! But the problem, when I want to publish a research, or read about any thing then reading in English provides me with a lot more information. Wikipedia articles, for example, the English versions of articles are 3-5 times longer and more detailed than the German versions talking about the same topic.

So, if my aim to acquire information and then to publish it, then why learn a new langauge? English is everywhere now in science and in everyday life!

Therefore, I think that I am now more and more going to use and read only English! Investing time in any other langauge in our current time requires a lot of time and effort… And the information and the ability to communicate is the best in English!

Driving License Practical Exam Trial No. 2

Will I pass? I took five more driving lessons 6 JD each… I should pass!

Dr. Mamoun Ahram back to teach us at Mu’tah university

Last year, Dr. Ma’moun Ahram moved to word at King Hussien Cancer in Amman. He taught me biochemistry and molecular biology during my first 2 years in the faculty of medicine in Mu’tah Univeristy.

He is a special doctor; funny, intelligent, courageous, open-minded, jolly, has a sense of humor, very energetic… I regreted his moving away from our university.

Today was a very nice surprise. Our faculty has no biochemistry doctor anymore starting from this second semester. Whom did they bring? Yes, they called Dr. Ma’moun Ahram to come and give us the few biochemistry lectures we need. How happy and lucky am I!

I consider myself privilaged to having a chance to more know about Dr. Ma’moun, and to get new information from him. How much I love the way he teaches!

I respect you Dr. Ma’moun!

This is the first entry to write in my blog since months… Today is a special day… It must be recorded!

English-Arabic Language Exchange: Meeting 1

# Correct the following sentence:
– This has been going on since 6 years.
– If you specified the duration of an action, then you don’t use “since” but use “for”. The correct form is:
– “This has been going on for 6 years.” Or, “This has been going on since 2003”


#Do you pay attention to what is written on the clothes you buy? Some people wear clothes without paying attention to what is written on them. Sometimes, this can cause you a lot of embarrassment not to expect humiliation.

A friend of mine once saw a Syrian girl wearing a pair of jeans that had a two-word sentence written on them. The sentence read: “Spank Queen”!!!

Does the girl understand what that sentence means? In our conservative societies, I don’t think so. Nonetheless, there is a?? good news. How many people have good English enough to understand the meaning of this sentence? I don’t think there are many!

Are you one of the “few” or one of the “many”? In other words, did you use or will use a dictionary to find out the meaning of this sentence? What about me, I am one of the “many”. I had to be told the meaning of this sentence. It means,???:??? “Slap buttocks” with sexual connotations of course!

There could be an honor crime is on the way!



# [Itinerary]
– We didn’t worry what places to visit, the tourist guide had already prepared an ideal itinerary.

– When Mr. Smith read the itinerary of the journey, he didn’t only sign up, but also, invited some of his friends.

list of places to be visited: a plan for a journey listing different places in the order in which they are to be visited

– There is a famous publishing company that publishes itineraries. The name of this company is “Lonely Planet”. I love their itinerary of Jordan.

There is a famous publishing company that publishes itineraries. Its name is “Lonely Planet”.



# [Epiphany]

– I was watching TV when I had this unbelievable epiphany of what I wanted to accomplish in my life; to become a skillful physician.

– The physician claims that he was able to come up with this cancer drug in an epiphany!

– It came to Moabite in an epiphany that the post about Peace Corps Volunteers learning Arabic is offending.

sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
It came to him in an epiphany what his life’s work was to be.



# [Epitome]

I will work hard to become an Epitome of a hardworking Medical student.

– Do you think that he deserves to be called “The Epitome of Honesty”! For God’s sake, he is as cunning as a fox.

– Peace Corps volunteers who taught me in Mu’tah University are the very epitome of selflessness!

typical example: a highly representative example of a type, class, or characteristic
Isn’t she just the epitome of elegance?


# [Irregular Plural]

The plural form of some nouns is not formed by adding “s”, “es” or “ies”… I can’t recall more! To be more precise, I don’t want to!

Example of irregular plural in English:

– Ox –> Oxen
– Goose –> Geese
– Tooth –> Teeth


# [Tangent]

– Can I bring up a tangent? There is a lot of time left!
– Can you explain more. I believe that you started a big tangent!
– I recommend this doctor, he spends all of the lecture time teaching. He never bring up tangents!

digression: a change of topic that is not relevant to the subject currently under consideration


# [Diagonal]

A diagonal is a line connecting two angles in a square or rectangle.

line joining angles: a line that joins two opposite or nonadjacent angles or corners of a straight-sided geometric figure



# [Elvish]

– The student said that he was advised not to study Arabic. He was told that Arabic is harder than Elvish language. This advice is the epitome of putting-off others!

– Just a J. R. R. Tolkien invented new languages, I want to invent new set of social duties. Just because a diagonal can’t connect two adjacent angles, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your neighbors.

J. R. R. Tolkien invented two languages he referred to as “elvish.”



# [Nuance]

the nuance of using “care to learn Arabic” in the post talking about Peace Corps volunteers in Jordan brought me bad reputation!

subtle difference: a very slight difference in meaning, feeling, tone, or color

Is it necessary to get a high average in University?

Tomorrow… Wait… I need to know what time it is right now. Is it before or after midnight? It is after midnight. Time is 12:33 am.

Today, I have an Islamic Culture exam at 11 am. Instead of studying, I went to bed at about 12 o’clock. I couldn’t sleep. Here I am writing a diary entry.

Let me put it straightforward: I don’t care what marks I am going to get! I am only interested in passing university! Yes, only getting an saverage above 60! Speculate what you want, I am not studying anything but Medical courses.

On Monday, I am having the final exam of the Horticulture course taught by Dr. Sa’ed Ewas. I have a Clinical Psychology exam on Tuesday. What should I study, Elective courses or Medical courses? I will study this elective course only on Sunday! I want just to learn Medicine! Screw the marks!

My marks are:

1. Islamic Culture: 43/50. How much will I get in the final exam? I totally depend on collecting the questions before doing the computerized exam. Students who enter first, will give us the questions they got. I will wait till 1 o’clock to do the exam.

2. Horticulture: 43/50. The worst mark I can get in the final exam is 25/50. The exam is a fifty true\false questions. 43+25= 68! So what?

In the future, will I regret not caring to get marks? I don’t see why I will!

My first participation in a newspaper

I sent an email today. But will it be accepted by algahd newspaper and be published as my first ever material to be published in a news paper? Will my name be shown in a newspaper all over Jordan. Will I be habe been able to deliver the message of suffering my co-villagers suffer from? Will they publish all of my comment? Will I be able to show it to my friends in the Uni?

But on the other hand, will I be hit? I don’t think so! I was very away from any severe criticism. Will Akef T read my comment? If not, will he know about it?

Was my comment worth it? Will anybody like it?

Will it be published on Friday? It would be a miracle if it was published. I know that I wrote very nice urging words in my email to the editor in order to show him how much is the need for this point of view to be published!

I should call Alghad newspaper tomorrow, should I?

A view came on me right now… I open the news paper on Friday morning… I quickly open the “Messages to the Editor” section…. And here it is… My comment isn’t there! I highly expect that!

Update 01.06.09:
Yes, the alledged ‘view’ that ‘came to your mind’ is true… Your comment wasn’t there! I am not sad because I know that it was a good start! I would love to participate in the future. Why not?

Moabite having an Adventure

What was I thinking about Moabite Having an Adventure

Early Diary Entries

I always  had the idea of writing diary. It was in the sixth grade that I first said to myself, “Why don’t you start to write?”. Days passed. After finishing Tawjihi, I went in a visit to downtown Amman. During which, a terrorist attack happened. Some tourists were killed and many were injured. I was meters from where the shooting took place. After such a remarkable day, I wrote my first diary entry. I wrote what happened that black day on a small notebook. I wrote it in Arabic.

During the next months, I started my first semester in the faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah University. During this period, I started a diary. This diary, however, was on computer. I used to type diary in Microsoft Word and save it on computer. I don’t know how many entries I had written, but I know 2 things. First of all, I didn’t write daily and even weekly. Secondly, at the moment, I only have 3 entries left. Did I write more than 3 entries? Did I delete what I had written by mistake? Did I write anything worth counting? I don’t know!

Here are the 3 remaining historical documents, my early diary entries:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I woke up this morning at 6:30 in the morning, I ate my breakfast wash my face wear my face then head to the circle at about 6:45… when I went out of our own door I looked at abo al abid’s house where I found aziz wearing his clithes at the door… I looked at him witing for him to look at me in order tht I say to him : good morning! It took me maybe 3 or 4 seconds … however he didn’t look at me at all! I just ignored him and continued my way without saying anything… of course this is wrong attitude but I don’t know what I should have done… maybe I should make a falsy sound from my mouth so as to get his attention then of course saying good morning … this is what I am thinking now bout what I should have done… important.. I continued my way to the circle .. walking quickl y to my destination I found Hani at the store maybe bringing some qola to the shop I continued my way and looking a distance away I saw nadia a far distance from me… I should wake up earlier tomorrow maybe at 6:2 not only to reach the circle earlier but also taking the dvntage of walking to the longest distance possible… I am determined now I will wake up at 6:15 and go out of the house at 6:30 … doing this I assume that I will be ble of reaching the turn in hmod…. Let’s now continue our diary… I reached the circle which was empty as if we were at the midday however I know that there are people taling the bus but they are not here they are there.. taking part in this daily competition to reach the bus firstly … I walked down the street heading to the bus’s road … at the pavement near that house whom I don’t know his owner where Nadia and Rami’s wife were sitting… I did my social duty I said :good morning! They answered me but not in the same passion… Rami’s wife answer was full of welcoming on the opposite of Nadia who only let the respond come out from her mouth like what the sound would come from a machine! I continued my way where I found Milad whom I asked, as to avoid saying any thing to him: are god’s hppinnes J (saad allah) taking you to the shool ? – he said: “ no, I go with paid vain !” . – “oh you are with basher” – “yes”

This conversation started and ended while I was walking… I saw also during my walk nadeem walking down the street but he was further than me… then I was able to reach him after wlking a little bit quickly “ Godd morning” I said . he replied “ where is Nizar , doesn’t he has lecture toay . he said no he isn’t we walked together talking pointlessly . reaching the bus I went up first then I sit in the bench behind the driver besides Anas who as there… we talked along th road another mistake I did also was not stnding up to let that person from hmod to set instead of me because he is older of me of course I was not courage enough to do so so I spent the whole road afraid of my “ Position chair” as if it ws the chair of a minister or something like this I don’t know what really was taking place in my mind during that time … we reached the triangle of thaniah … I got off the bu sand headed to the buses of university ther I get in one of them where I sat besides of Aniese during the road… we talked about stocks his job he taking the TOEFL exam with me, in the southern centre he said that he would do so if he had the time but he had a shift during the time of the lessond for the TOEFL exam , I asked him why he doesn’t continue his studies to get a phd but he claimed firstly that he doesn’t have enough money and fter telling him that it is not a clue and you should better say that you are not able of doing such thing he said to me a word that I deserve for talking to him such way I should have expressed my point of view in a different wasy for example I had better said :” I know that it is not an easy job and not every one can do so or may be I said ok but you know better than me that doctor anise isn’t like anise you would be different … I payed for him for the bus wage the driver eas almost going to shout at us “ I don’t have time for you two so we instaneously get off the bus I explained to hi that I have done so because you have done me a lot of favors for many times I reached the building of science one where I was in a hurry to find wher the lad is in which I am taking my chemistry lesson

Thursday, November 11, 2006

I haven’t any thing particular to talk about so I decide to talk about my cell biology lecture today Thursday.

First thing I remember when I got to the class that is I started looking for a bathroom. As usual the first bathroom I encountered was for girls. This has happened to me a lot of times. Maybe the bathrooms which are meant for girls are more than those for boys… or to express at as traditional hypothesis that it is a miss luck. Discovering that is a girl’s I head to the opposite direction, walking there I heard this voice talking to me: “how many time do you attend the lecture!” who was the speaker? It’s Zaid, the funny, weird complex, friend of mine

– “Once, I believe… however I am attending the 11-12 lecture instead of mine which is really from 12-1…”

– “Why is that?” Zaid asked. I ran from answering him and take my self out of there. Also, in the opposite corner I didn’t find a bathroom. However I came to know something interesting there is an “emergency exit” which I didn’t know about it… why is it interesting? I believe that one day might help me. Continuing searching for the bathroom I finally reached one which is not, out of ordinary, meant for girls. Ending my job on the bathroom I went to the lecture class. One of my colleges, whom I don’t know his name but I know that he is from a very powerful tribe: “bani saker”. He is from Al Jeza, which is a municipality subject to Amman.

– “Why did you get upset this morning?!” I opened a conversation in a kind of mending my fault of being extra curios this morning.

– “No, I am not upset” he answered laughing.

I figured out that it was enough as a good peace process. Having finished of my peace talks, I entered the class, where I sat in the last row; Of course because it’s considered as an act of modesty, but also, to tell the truth because it is not my lecture, as a result, I can’t set in others seats. After a short time, the Yemeni student came and sat beside me. After saying the traditional introduction, you know: hi! How are you! How is your studying! “ . Again, for the second time in this day, I was defenseless in front of my curiosity.

_ “why aren’t you sitting beside your friend, that if he is really?” Since I know that they are both from the same country and I believe that they are the only Yemenis in our batch for this year. You know, I didn’t find it makes sense; they are from the same country on a foreign one and they are not close to each other. Don’t you think that this is weird? And worth asking about?!

– “We would set together but he is absent!” he answered.

I continued intriguing him but it was meaningless. After a short while, the professor of us came. Whom I found knew information about him in the internet: he was the director of Baghdad’s university, and he wrote books and researches. He fled from Iraq, when the series of assassination scientist began in 2005 and came to Mu’tah University where he was appointed as the manger of the histology department, in the faculty of medicine.

The lecture started, today’s lecture is about signals between cells… an easy one, compared to other lectures. The 50 minute passed then the lecture finished.

Important events I faced later:

  • Aktham, a school friend of mine, has got a full mark in the physics exam. I am writing this note because it shows how this man is trying to makes up for his low average in the Tawjihi exam. A future prediction, he is going to be a doctor? You don’t know
  • New information from the day: don’t laugh until May…. You should always have shallow relations with other …. Don’t go into the deep!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yesterday, it was supposed that I go in the trip which is arranged by the military branch to Al-Zarqa – as they have told us about it- however, I didn’t go in that trip. Why? First of all, AI told my mother to awaken me at 6:00 o’clock the night before, however since she has become forgetting a little bit-I started to notice this in the second semester of Tawjihi as I remember. The result that she didn’t awake me up… was I mad? Not at all , when I woke up nearly at 8 o’clock I realized that I am not going… it didn’t bother me since I am concertingt on my forthcoming physics exams which needs me a lot of hard work since it is not easy nor hard one. To tell the truth , it ws yesterday since the beginning of the university that I have studied the longest time ever… an achievement I think … is there a reason or it is just a mere chance? “ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find”, jesus said. And in another place which I don’t remember exactly, Jesus aso said “ anything you ask will be given for you if you asked sure that you wil be given this thing” I did this and I will continue doing this because this is what jesus says to me and I believe in jesus! So I’m sure that I will be given what I ask strongly.

The second reason which a little bit caused me not to be angry is the fact that at the previous night , when being at bed I took the decision to go in a walk to Mujib’s tip where I have been dreaming to do since let’s say three years since teacher zeal said that he had gone there by his car to where he could see the dam. My strength didn’t help me in fulfilling my decision of going on this ancient trip.. howevetr I am planning to do this trip in the medholiday – with god’s will-

What do I want to talk about is my loser attempt today to move my optional universital subject to the summer semester which the recorder of the faculty of medicine said that it is impossible unless you can try to make a please to the den of the faculty if he would let you do that …

It is the first day in my scholastic year to walk with Laith R… to tell the truth I would like to become close friends … I like this guy… there are many thing special and interesting in him… the first thing I would think of is his look… he look’s exactly like Chinese (this is the name I was and almost all people would say about a person with loose hair and narrow eye and that whole characteristics of the east Asian people)… Later, I figured out that he is not (Chinese), as I thought that his parents have a company or a business in one of the industrial cities… I discovered that his father is Jordanian but she is his mother or grand mother which I still do not know who is from East Asia and particularly from Philippine . and his father met his mother in Germany..

He said in more than one occasion that he had an invitation from his (aunts) to go and study medicine in Philippine… “ oh my father didn’t want that” he answered … when asked why he didn’t go there …

At the beginning of the university I only knew his name Laith and the above information.. but always wanted to ask if he is Christine or not ? I avoided this maybe because I (feard) that he is one of the many rabbadis that I alwys heard about that they had converted to Islam…

Until one day by chance … it was a military science lecture.. when I said at a semi-loude voice: “ he is Rabadi!) how this happened? It was when the #* (mukadam) or the # was reading the names of the students in the lecure…

Today … I walked with him the whole road from the science1 building to the science2 building where we take the military science lecture… we had alittle chat at the road and what I remember of the thing chatted about is him talking about the christmeas and how are you going to celebrate it here in karak later ma’an come in the time when I was rolling the photos in my mobile to show Laith the photo of my rabbits… Ma’an started asking: “ what pictures do you have on your mobile ? then he stopped me in photo of smakieh in that moment I said in order to get Laith’s attention this is the Arnon vally … “arono” he exclaimed and ma’an also exclaimed about this word the Laith said I know the restaurant arnon … we stopped there….

Another thing remarkable on this day …

I arrived at home nearly at 12:40 I remember talking with my self and saying : “ the doctor now probably haven’t came yet to the lecture or may be he is knowing kidding”! since this is the third time for me to skip the TOEFL lecture…

What I am planning to do on the semi-semister is to learn driving ! I don’t know who is going to do this but I am determined on this… before that I should remember to bring some article and lessons from the internet on this subject ( of course after the chemistry exam that if have time) next thing I am planning to do this week is to sell my cell phone and buy another smaller one because the one which I have now is very big and not really very practical…

Next of the things I would love to do in the semisemester is to make a photo archive of all the historical site in my town and the surrounding region. Eventually to make a website containing all of these information ….

I am also thinking of visiting the national archeologiacal musem in amman and also the roman theatre in the city centre … also to make a foot trip (if possible from ) al abdali to medtown I do not know if this is possible and moreover it needs a lot of planning for such thing …

M competioton on reafing 99 books is still on but not a little bit weak so read more and more and more and I hope that sister sisile will help me get to the books in the latin school in smkei in order to read many of these beutifu l books which I long to reading such finally I do not know how are the questions are going to be in the physics exam on tuedaay but I am sure that I will get a ful mark and I will work strongly lon making this come true.

The time now is 22:06 at night and I am now goin to continue my studying on physocs exam

Before I forget I will talk about my short trip that I made last day to bring some food to the rabbits from sanninh …, amanfrommoab, moabite, hijazeen, hijazin, alhijazeen, hijazein, hejazeen, hejazin, hijazin, smakieh, simakiyya, smakiyya, simakiya, karak, kerak, balau, bala'u, bala', moab, moabites, romans, crusaders, byzantine, nabataeans, biblical moab, jordan, jordanian, akasheh, latin convent

A photo of the village from the top of the hill next to saihls house


A photo of the church from the hill top it is not so clear because it was taken from a very long distance beside that when takinthe picture I wsn’t able to look at the photo which I ws going to take because of the sunlight which prevent a good view in the mobile’s screen.


This is a photo of mr.ken, Abu Hans, in after the conversation class which we took on Wednesday in the picture he is preparing to take a picture of us for he said that he is going to send it to his family in Canada where they wanted to know about his life in smakiie if it is only concerned about school

A English Language Question!

The Skelton comprises 3 parts:


Skeleton is composed of joints, cartilage and bone.

Skeleton is composed of joints, cartilage, and bone.


Which sentence is correct?!

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

I was at a street bookshop at downtown Amman. I was searching the box loosely put on the side of the pavement for the 5 books I will buy for 1 JD. “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories” This book caught my attention. It was not because of its content but for the idea that came to my mind at that moment. I thought of the usefulness of having some kind of short stories to read before going to bed. I usually take neither a short nor a long time to fall asleep.

The writer of this book wants this book as a message against the wrong concepts that the original adopted stories conveyed the time they were written. There is much talk that I don’t have much time to do now.

I was very excited when I looked up the meaning of the word which I thought it to be wrongly spelled. ‘womyn’. Yesterday evening, I was in the bedroom of my parents when I firstly read parts of this book (God! How quiet the house was when I was the only one in it. During the silent hours I spent yesterday, I realized how great things I can do without being distracted. e.g. I would never see my father entering the room as he did minutes ago asking: “You boy,” He always call me and my brother this way “Where is your mother?” He asked me this question while I was on my computer obviously studying. “Wait father! I will make a ‘search’ on my PC to locate her coordinates.” Maybe this is what will I be doing if they invented such a technology the next time my father interrupts my study and ask me such questions. What is more, I shouldn’t forget to mention that he also entered the room minutes later talking on the phone, I thought that the phone call is from me but soon found out that it wasn’t because I deduced that it is someone from Amman asking him how the journey back home run.)

Back to the word ‘womyn’, I looked up its meaning in my precious Concise Oxford English Dictionary only to find that its spelling is correct 100% and that it carries a deep meaning, at least for the defiance it stands for:

womyn: (plural noun) non-standard spelling of ‘women’ adopted by some feminist in order to avoid the word ending in -men.

What if Arabic women were as free as women in the west, would they make any change to the Arabic word for women? I believe not. Firstly, the Arabic word originally doesn’t have any similarity in spelling with that of a man. Secondly and most importantly, the day when women in the Arab world will have the freedom won’t come because they are who help to keep the men’s dominance on them, the sexism that is certainly seen in our societies is also participated by women. The very clear evidence is the survey that was conducted in Jordan and showed that more than 80% (I rounded it down to the least possible answer because I don’t remember it exactly) of Jordanian women agreed that ‘the husband has the right to hit his wife’.

From my side, I don’t have a problem with this almost general consensus because I am on the dominant side. But will I allow my self to take advantage of this authorization? I believe not but it really depends on my future wife; whether she is a tough or not a tough one. So, if my future wife will be reading this some years later in the future, to her I say: “If after marriage, you, my very dear and beloved wife, turned to be a tough women whom I can’t oppose, I will ask you to have mercy on your husband because I know him to be a good-natured, peaceful guy. Please!”

P.S. Hey my wife, don’t believe yourself. I am just kidding. OK? Be careful not to oppose me. I will be generous enough to add: if I am correct, don’t oppose me. Thanks! Kisses. Your faithful husband, Moabite.

I know of guys of my age, older or younger, who always chat with girls on their mobile phones. Truly, I state, I have never, ever, made such a thing.

It might be because my faculty doesn’t have pretty girls, but rather, because of the straight man I am. You know that by now, don’t you?!

A doctor, to be or not to be

“I will quit” Moabite says.

“Are you stupid? You will have wasted 1.5 years of your life for nothing!” A voice answers him. The voice then continues, “Supposedly, you are to change your major. Can you tell me of a possible major that is better than your current one? Or at least, equal to your current major?”

-“Well, umm…” Moabite is puzzled for he hadn’t ever thought of what another major ‘suits’ him. “OK, let me think. Engineering?! How much will it be different from Medicine?! A one hour or two hour a day?! For example, my cousin who graduated last semester from JUST as an mechanical engineer, told me that he studied till 10 or 11 o’clock every day. You know what I mean?! It is not that different.” Moabite stops because he is as desperate as a person lost in a desert, he then continues to increase his deseperation, “I forgot another important thing about engineering,” He sighs like a mourned mother, “Physics, Mathematics… I couldn’t believe myself when I finished the (Biophysics course) which I took in my first university semester. Will I go back to this boring subjet? Oh my god!” Then he continues to discuss other majors: “English Literature?! Now, I long to the time where I can read an English novel. But I don’t think that it will be a leisure time if it was a job of mine to do. What is more, let me imagine that I will have the money, time, and will to get a pHD in English literature. What is the best job I can get?! I can’t think of a Job better than a university professor. Imagine how beautiful will I be chasing the students who don’t want to give homeworks, or try to record the absent student of my lectures, etc. All boring things a doctor has to do. My answer is hell no!”

– “There are hundreds of majors; you want me to understand that you only like those 2 majors?”

– “What would you like me to become? A teacher where an illiterate army soldier will get a higher salary than mine?! Or a nurse being under the commands of arrogant doctors?! Don’t tell me that I should study to be a lawyer?! Or,”

– “Hey, stop… stop…” The voice interrupted him. “I thought that you want another major than Medicine?! You are critizing other majors making me understand that Medicine is the best major ever, aren’t I true?”

– “Well, I have to admit it. I can’t find a major better than it. First of all, you are dealing with the most intelligent doctors in the university. Not to mention that most of them, if not all, have got their degrees from advanced countries. What is more, the quality of students you find in Medical schools are the best of the best. Surely there is exceptions of students who got there either by their parent’s money or by chance through a lucky scholarship from somewhere. Thirdly and most importantly, what is the major in which almost 100% of your textbooks are in English?! There is nothing. Maybe engineering major will compete a little bit. But surely, doctors in Engineering faculties won’t give you pure English lectures. Fourthly, the virtual boring years of Medical schools are only the very first 3 years. ‘People will start to call you (Doctor X), not to mention all the respect that you will get because you will be known as a Doctor.’ A fourth year medical student in our faculty in Mu’tah university expressed the situation after the first 3 years.

To sum up, most people in my society agree that Medicine is a great major. I haven’t reached the point where I say that I agree with them. However, gradually, I discover the benefits, fun and blessing of studying medicine.”

– “You are complicating the issue on me, you love, or as you expressed it, you gradually love medicine. Can I know why the fuss is all about?! Why are you frowning all of the time?! Why are you always thinking of the future negatively?! Why do you always fear to fail at exams?”

– “They are the 3 courses, the triangle of evil. Anatomy, Physiology, and Embryology. They are nightmarish to me. If I am not dreaming about sitting in the exam and not being able to answer equations in Physiology, I will be thinking about the possible ‘hard’ questions of anatomy lab exam. I am devastated. My abdomen is full of gases, and this is surely a sign of stress and depression. I can’t help it. I am always fearing failing those courses. Thinking of the possibility that I will have to leave the faculty after wasting 2 years of my life.”

– “Trust in God. If you trust in God, then you wont’ fear those silly nightmares of yours.”

– “God?! I know that there must be a God, but how can I communicate with him?! How can I know that he is listening to me?! Or worst, how can I know that he is up there?! I just can’t convince my mind to believe in something which I consider to be illogical and contradictory.”

– “ “ The voice doesn’t answer.

– “You understand what I mean?!”

– “But remember one thing, without God, whomever you consider him to be, a human being’s life is empty. Why should he live?! Remember the thoughts which you had last year before quitting university?! “God has a plan for your life. You didn’t come as a result of a mere coincidence. God knew you from your mother’s womb. Some where in the old testament, maybe in the book of Isahiah, you can read, ‘I have curved you on the palm of my hand’. Yes, you are here in your earthly journey for a purpose. God wants you, and everyone, to fulfill the purpose for which they were created. What is your purpose?! You might not have recognized it yet, but remember something, the place where you are here is the place where God wants you to be. You are, also, not sitting on the computer seat of your house in a hot Smakieh summer day for no purpose. God wanted you to be there.”

– “OK, OK…” Moabite replies, “I believe that I am here for a purpose, I bet you that I am. The problem is that when I study, another fear comes to me, ‘What if I die tomorrow?! Acciedents happen as easy as falling in Jordan, what is the possibility of your not participating in an accident some day?! Almost nothing, right?! How can I be sure that my efforts won’t be lost just in seconds where I will die and never exist again. Can you answer me?”

– The voice doesn’t wait, it answers immediately: “I know that you believe in the idea of the existence of God, true? Surely after your death, you will go to this place where you will meet this God. It is not necessary to know how and when, you must realize what Ali Bin Abi Talib said brilliantly, ‘Work for you afterlife as if you were to live for ever, work for you earthly life as if you are going to live forever.” You know this saying, but you do not want to imply it on your life. If you were more intellectual person, then what you read will help you in your life.”

– “But…”

– “Stop! I am done with your silly thoughts. You have molecular Biology to study for now. Or should I say, Anatomy?! Anyhow, study whatever subject you want. But remember those 2 things that I will say to you, what is more important than your listening to me is that you Practice them in your life. Should I emphasis it again?! Practice them! Understood?”

– “Alright. Although, I have a week full of exams, I will try to apply whatever you tell me.”

– “First thing, invest the time which you have between lectures or after finishing lectures to socialize with your fellow students. You had the idea formulated in your mind this week, don’t you remember it?! ‘I love studying medicine. I never knew that it is so fun to study medicine’ Didn’t you have this idea this week?”

– “I had.” Moabite answers somehow more excitedly than before.

– “I wanted to banish you for interrupting me, however, your excited tone changed my mind. See? This is what I am talking about.” The voice pauses then continues to the second point. “Secondly, there is this medical forum you registered in last week. You should start participating in it. The type of people you will find in this forum can’t be found in any other kind of forums. Don’t you agree with me?! Maybe you will meet your female-friend that you have been dreaming through one of your participations. Moreover, you could finally have people who will read your Blog as a person from the middle east. What could even be most interesting, you could also find Blogs of people who share the same passions as yours. Don’t you think so?! Now excuse me, I will have to go so as to leave you to your studies. Remember, study for the pleasure of knowledge. Good luck in your exam on Monday. Start studying on the subject from now stopping between now and then to study some anatomy. All the good luck!”

– “But wait,” Moabite voice says but then stops because he realized that he has study to do. He knows that it doesn’t matter what marks will he get. What matters most importantly at the mean time believes that Moabite falling a course is just a silly idea.

Putting Biochemistry Into Action

Warning: The following entry contain experts of Biochemistry lectures in Mu’tah university. The blog owner will deny any responsibility after any mental problems that might develop after reading the below information taught at Biochemistry lectures.

In order to purify and separate a single protein or a number of proteins with similar features from a mix of proteins, a variety of purification techniques can be used, one of them is Dialysis. Let’s see how my intelligent, sophisticated, but not so modest doctor, Dr. Mamoun Ahram of Mu’tah University, defined it:

[Update 22.05.2008: “not so modest doctor”, well, I change my mind. Dr. Mamoun is not that bad. But it doesn’t mean that Dr. Mamoun Ahram is a very modest person. I discovered that he is very modest when compared to other doctors at the medicine faculty. “Dr. Mamoun is so modest!” I thought after the very first lectures of the second semester.]

"Dialysis: Proteins can be separated from small molecules by dialysis through a semi-permeable membrane. Molecules having dimensions significantly greater than the pore diameter are retained inside the dialysis bag, whereas smaller molecules and ions cross the pores outside the bag."

Today, after a small thinking, I was able to apply this principle on my rabbits. But what has this biochemistry (science-fiction) has to do with rabbits that a Jordanian guy is keeping at his home?!

I went to check the rabbits today only to find that the 3 new babies that were given born to by the colored one are out from their sung and cozy under earth hole. I watched them to find that they were then wondering through the room, and certainly, their journeys taking them outside their safe and sound room. The certain result of this uncontrollable foolish behavior is them being eaten by a cat touring the house searching for some kind of food; a bone, a piece of bread, a stray mouse, etc. How happy would a stray cat be if its lunch meal for today would be a delicious plump rabbit?!

The rabbit house, which was once a place for raising sheep, consists of 2 rooms separated by a door. One of the rooms, the northern one, has a hole in one of its walls that would allow the rabbits to go outside to a closed space where we put food and water. The other room, the southern one, has no opening, and therefore, rabbits put in this room, can not go outside. This happens on one condition, that is: The door linking the 2 rooms is closed. Why? If the door between the 2 rooms is opened, the rabbits in the south room can cross to the northern one and eventually outside the safety of the rooms. To sum up, rabbits in the northern room have an access to the outside dangerous world of cats. While those in the southern room have no access when the door is closed and therefore no cat can reach them.

In the past, we used to move the newly born rabbits to the southern room, closing the linking door of course. This way, we ensured that only the adult rabbits, big ones, can go outside the rooms, and because of their size, cats can not snatch anyone of them in their mouths and run away as they can do with the small ones. However, this process is very tedious, boring, repetitive and monotonous, so I decided today that we need a solution to this problem. Either to close the hole in the southern room and consequently all rabbits will have to stay inside despite the negative results of this action from increased manures in the rooms, not to mention overcrowded rooms. I called my mother to help me find a solution. Did we find one or we just surrendered to the threat of the cats and lost the many advantages of letting rabbits out?

I told my mother about the new 3 rabbits and that we must find a new regulation mechanism because the old method is really a pain in the neck. Talking and discussing the situation, we finally reached the very intelligent solution that we should have thought of it long time ago. So, how did we solve this problem?

I put 3 blocks of cement in the door linking between the 2 rooms. Eventually, the rabbits can no longer simply walk to pass form one room to another, they have to Jump. Here comes the separation method: It is now a matter of who could jump such an altitude? As in the semi-permeable membrane in the Dialysis technique, only small molecules and ions can cross the membrane outside the dialysis bag, the same situation is created in the case of our rabbits. It is the same principals, however, there is only one difference, and this only difference is that the big not the small is what passes: Since the cement blocks barrier is at least 30 Cm’s high from the flat ground, only big rabbits, those which can cats make no threat towards, can pass. The one which are retained inside the southern room because of this barrier are the smaller ones. Their size and ability require them to wait not a little time to be able to cross to the northern room, and consequently to the outside real world of cats. Don’t you think that this simple technique is absolutely trouble-free?! How great things can the human mind achieve if he just forgot about having fun and concentrated on what God created it for: Merely thinking.

[Sad Update: The mechanism worked 100% in achieving its goal; however, all of the 3 rabbits are dead now. We woke up the next morning only to find one left. What is more, the day after it, the 2 didn’t appear but seemed to have taken their third brother with them. I never knew how this crime happened, but the most reasonable explanation I can come up with is that it is a cat this time that came to them not the other way around.]

[Happy update 22.05.2008: After more than 3 months of adopting this technique. I’m proud to state that it worked 100%. Small rabbits were never able to bypass the selective barrier which was put. Only when they grew enough, they were able to pass and go outside when there size prevented any crazy cat from thinking to carry them.

Concerning the above “Sad Update”, till this moment, I can’t find a reasonable explanation how the previous 3 rabbits disappeared. Concerning the ‘cat coming to them not the other way around.’ such a case never happened again. No small rabbits ever disappeared from the south room.

My best and sole explanation: The small rabbits died because of the extremely cold weather. My father found them lying dead on the floor. He simply threw them outside the house. “Why didn’t your father tell you?!” You might ask. My father short memory is selective, and, sometimes, it is absent. Even if I asked him by then, could have simply forgotten about it.

One more thing, thanks Dr. Mamoun. You don’t know how easy was applying this technique. What is more important, how efficient it was.]

Facebook… I am coming!

Though most of the studetns in my faculty lab are always surfing this site, though I got many invitations from close friends (Yazen MS, for example) of mine to join this enigmatic site, though I always read how facebook made the headlines, I never was never convinced to open an account in Facebook. Now, in the next few minutes, I will be opening a facebook account. But why?

For 2 main reasons: In advertisments promoting goods and products, companies are ready to pay milliions and millions of dollars just to have an important person (Actors, football players, singers…) appear in their advertisment. It is because when the viewer see this will immediately follow the certainly ‘good’ choice of this person or that. It happened with me today, I got convinced by 2 things:

1. Amman municipality have an account.
2. The site of which I haven’t entered for ages… Incredibly, it has an account on facebook.

How strange?! Those 2 accounts which I discovered almost half an hour ago will make me have an account there… See you there… I hope that I won’t get addicted to it. 🙂

Emergency Landing!

I HAVE SEEN an unusal thing moments ago… I heard a loud noise, that made by a plan… I looked outside the window and saw what appears to me as passenger plane as if preparing to land… It was all flashing, having at least 3 red lights…

It is my first time ever to see a plan so near to earth above our house since we are far much away from the airport… god knows what is the problem of this plane? Can it be making an emergency landing? Is there any danger of it being destroyed after landing? Can the passengers make it safe to their beloved ones today…? The plan came from south… the very south… I hope that no danger will be caused to the passenger…

BTW, I have always wondered about plane accidents in Jordan.. Hadn’t it ever happened that a plan crash happen in a Jordanian plan? If not, is it because Jordanian pilots are very skillfull?! I don’t know… May be I will be able to find out through

Back to the plane, If something got wrong with it… we will surely hear about it in the news…

Time when I saw the plane was almost 7:02…

Excuse me now for I have to go back to my beloved Biochemistry… Have a nice day

10/18/2007 7:11 PM

Answer these questions…

*. The be is soft, so ________ on the floor.
a. was sleeping
b. has slept
c. slept

*. “The taxi has arrived” This sentence expresses:
a. completed past (this is exactly how it was in the exam!)
b. unfinished past
c. result of a past action

*. “She has been able to come to the school.” This sentence expresses:
a. ability
b. experience
c. unfinished past action

*. “I invited my friends who are English to my party.” This sentence means:
a. None of my friends are English.
b. many of my friends are English.
c. ” “… I don’t remember it because it was totally irrelevant.

These are a sample of some lovely questions my computer brought me, in todays English 102 exam. I am sure, that my dear reader by now, has concluded that I didn’t have a good mark. I won’t try to convince you that I don’t blame the type of questions for my results, because I am, partly.

I really believe that there is something wrong in each one of these questions, especially the forth one. How did they postulate that they are (many)? The answer in my opinion should read: “All of my friends are English”. Don’t you agree with me? If not, can you tell me the reasonable answer for which?

P.S. How much did Jameel score in this computerized exam-BTW, damn every computerized test that teachers not allow students to object to a question which has spelling or logical problem- ? We had 50 questions today, for 50 marks, I got 47 out of 50 true, so i scored 47! Damn!. My total score in this course will be, postulation that I will have 10 marks as participation, 96/100. It is really of carelessness to have lost those four marks…

“Don’t call me a liar and a (cheat)” This sentence expresses. (I couldn’t leave without letting you share me this another great sentence of todays perfect exam).

Summer or Spring?!

Before: Friday, September 29, 2006….

After: Today, August 04, 2007…

I needa start working hard on my studies….

This is my final week in university this semester. I will be having my final English Exam on Thursday. Today, I received my English Exam Mark. If you go back some posts, you will find that I had posted a sentence in which I said, (We use present continuous in this sentence to talk about the future because I am talking about an even that is already planned in time and place!!! This is just a revision of tomorrow’s exam)… Guess what, a question came based on the grammar of this snetence.
Q] When do we use the “Present Continuous”? and can you guess what my answer was? Yes, it is stated above, I have written it the day before, “planned….”. I answered:

A] Planned Decision.

Guess what? It is too wrong! Yes, Present continuous is not used for “Planned Decision”, it is used for “Personal Arrangement”, so? I blame who? Only myself not to study the grammar and counting that the questions would be coming only on the form of sentences. My mark was 19/20 [ 😦 ]. The other devastating mark is my computer one, I scored 17/23. What condolences me in this mark that I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I did in the first month. BTW, screw such a condolence!. My first month biostatistics mark is, as I found out today, 25.5/30. Relatively good as the highest mark is 27.

God help me… Please… To Concentrate

And as James blunt once sang:


Good bye my lover, good bye my friend, you have been the one, you have the one to me…

P.S. This is a very great song, you can download it via a P2P program called “Limewire”… I hope that James won’t mind that, will you James? I know he…. (you decide).

New Rabbits Are Out… Welcome!

Please welcome with me…

The fourth generation of rabbits in our extremely small farm… Please welcome with me… Snow-white.