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10.09.2008 Chris, An American Volunteer Arriving at Smakieh in the House of Mukhles Torman Hijazeen (2nd day)

*. At 9 o’clock this evening, I went to Mukles Toman house. Yesterday, I arranged with the new guest of Smakieh, the American Chris, to visit my aunt. He wanted to install an internet connection at his house. I suggested that he share a connection with my cousin. Although I wasn’t sure of what I was talking about, I just wanted to socialize with this different human being. Today, however, I did my calculations again. Why should I force myself on him? Certainly, he will look down at me. Doesn’t a proverb say, “Easy come, easy go!” If Moabite gave his services quickly and without any considerations to his own needs, will this make Chris respect him? I don’t think so. What if you think that you have good English when compared to inhabitants of a desert village like Simakiyya? Chris is not searching for fluent English speakers. He is searching for someone who is not interested in improving or even learning English. This way, he will be improving his Arabic more effectively. Are you good at dealing with your fellow Jordanians? How could you deal with a person from a different culture? Do you have a lot of friends? You don’t have. How could you gain the friendship of a foreign person?

As a result, Moabite didn’t talk to Chris at all this evening. At the beginning of the 10 minutes visit to Mukhles house where Chris was invited to dinner, Moabite apologized to Chris because his cousin is in Amman (Daniele is bringing his wife from her family’s!). Next thing, he asked Chris how his first day of School was. “Students here are much different than of Irbid.” It was the only good sentence that he said that contained no compliments. Moabite acted like a smart ass and said, “These are the type of people Lawrence of Arabia lived with!” Wow! How informative are you Moabite. Do you know anything about this Lawrence except the Movie you watched? Do you know any worth-mentioning point about this obviously great man?! Why are you opening subjects you are not well-informed about? “Yes,” Chris answered. What could he answer other than this? Moabite then realized how he is raining this fresh visitor of not very accurate information. “Bedouins!” Chris cleverly deduced. Moabite was touched when he heard Chris’s answer. “How could he think of such a simple, concise, and 100% correct answer?”

After asking this question, Moabite sat silently. He talked not to anyone. Mukhles was talking to his sister-in-law, Umm Udai Torman. Mukhles wife was occasionally talking to Moabite. “What does your brother study? You study in Jordan University? How many years have you been studying?” Moabite was asked. The TV was turned on. It was a Syrian soap oprah. “A person doesn’t get bored with all of these shows!” Mukhles wife commented to Moabite. Moabite didn’t have an answer and only gave a smile. He ignored the TV and tried to figure out what important subject is preventing Mukhles from talking to Chris. It seemed that Mukhles was discussing something very important with Umm Udai. Moabite lost hope in Mukhles. “He won’t talk to Chris! It is non of my business. I am not talking to him.” Moabite thought, “I have many questions to ask, but I won’t to make any further damage to my image in front of Chris.” The situation continued this way for more minutes. There were about 6 children in the room. All of them were, as yesterday, looking at Chris. This time, however, TV shared attention with Chris. Children would look at the TV, then quickly look back to see how Chris is reacting to whatever is shown on the Channels. The situation continued this way. “Mukhles,” Muklhes wife grabbed her husband’s attention. “You have a guest!” He sounded like a mother banishing her son. “Talk to him!” Mukhles was very interested in his conversation that he didn’t even respond. He just continued speaking. Moabite kept silent. Chris tried to take interest in the TV. Chris tried to smile between now and then.

Finally, Chris said in broken Arabic words that he was tired. He left and Moabite followed him as a child follows his father. They walked together to Chris’s house. It was less than 50 meters away. Moabite, still, didn’t say a word. Chris commented how the sky is clear. It seemed that Chris was anxious because he didn’t correctly locate the hand of the house outside gate. “Nice to meet you!” Moabite said just before Chris was about to disappear behind a wall. Chris responded the same sentence. “You know something?” Moabite almost shouted to grab Chris’s attention because Chris almost arrived at the door of his house. Chris stopped and walked toward Moabite as if he waited Moabite to say something. “I don’t know you name yet!” Moabite commented. How ironic? Moabite had spoken with Chris for hours and hadn’t asked him about his name! “Chris!” Chris simply answered. “I…” Moabite muttered. Chris understood Moabite and answered after little hesitation, “Moabite!”.

Moabite continued walking toward the direction of the house of his aunt, he said at last, “Nice to meet you!” How irrelevant! Moabite didn’t know what to say! The same sentence was repeated from the yard of the house. Moabite went to the Layer’s house to check what happened with the potential buyer of their land in Ws. He didn’t find the layer. Later that evening, the Layer called them and told them that the buyer thought that the land is very tall in length. Moabite, courageously, called Hussien and told him that they only wanted to sell one piece of land. Hussien said that he only wanted to buy the two. “Put yourself in our place, will you sell the two pieces and put the money in bank?!” After hearing this great explanation, Hussien didn’t comment anymore. Moabite continued, “If you happened to want to buy the land, call us!” Next and lastly, “Thank you Abu Sa’ed!”.

Mr. Muneer Hijazin

Our neigbour, Mr. Muneer Hijazin, And his two sons: Asad & Ibrahim.

The next little gentleman is: Assad Bin(son of) Muneer .