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Can I download a YouTube playlist or a YouTube channel using IDM (Internet Download Manager)? No!

Internet Download Manager- the fastest download accelerator

Yes, you can download individual YouTube videos using IDM. Unfortunately, IDM does not support automatic downloading of multiple YouTube videos. In other words, IDM does not support downloading YouTube playlists or YouTube channels.

The following description is from the official website of IDM:

 YouTube grabber.

Internet Download Manager can record and download FLV videos from popular sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Video. The best way of downloading webpage embedded videos from the Internet is here. After installing IDM, “Download This Video” button pops up whenever you are watching a video anywhere in the Internet. Just click on the button to start downloading clips.

Source: “Internet Download Manager Feature”,, retrieved 10/20/2012.

Notice the green “Download This Video” button in the left upper corner of the page.

As a result, you need another program called Free YouTube Download . In a previous post of mine, I explained  how to use it to download YouTube playlists or YouTube channels . Recently, in an indication of how good this program is, this post has become the second most common generator of visitors to my Blog; 15.0% (1,010) of all visits to my blog during the last 3 months.

To download this program and to learn how to use it, please visit the following post:

How to download all videos from a youtube playlist or even all videos of a youtube channel?

How to download all videos from a youtube playlist or even all videos of a youtube channel?

Notice: I am writing this video because many medical students have contacted me on youtube asking me for instructions on how to download some videos from my channel. Namely, anatmoy videos by Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal. I responded to each person individually. However, because of being asked this question frequently, I decided to pubish a post about the topic. “The straw that broke the camel’s back was this comment” by youtube user “freehomeland”:


Apparently, this person is not asking for howto download my channel. However, downloading the channel is what he will certainly ask me to teach him after I tell him that the way he is planning to download the same videos is not only more lengthy, but most importantly, would cause him to download unnammed videos in a very rare format that can only be played (to my knowledge) using “Windows media player classic”. So, Mr. Homeland, download the videos from my channel. It would save you not only effort and time, but aslo,  the “quality” of the videos you are going to download. Thank you.

Two years ago, it was the first time that I first needed to download multiple videos from a youtube channel. There are a lot of programs that allows you to download individual videos like Real Player, Internet Download Manager… But I  wanted a program that could download 20 or 30 videos automatically without the need of my opening each video, clicking download, choosing where to download the video, starting the download, etc.

I remeber that I searched for hours without finding a program that could achive this goal. “There is no such program!!!” I easily deduced. At some point, I found a firefox addon that could do the multiple downloads automatically. Only to ruin my happiness, many errors occurred and downloading each video individually turned out to be much easier than using their addon.

I remember that I surrendered, “It is impossible that such a program exists” I thought. No doubt, the number of youtube visitors will decrease if every user could download all videos  of a playlist or a channel and later on watch them offline. What do you think?

But to my amazement, up to this moment, I am still fascinated by a program I found; it is called “Free Youtube Download” by a company called “DVDVIDEOSOFT”. It proved that I was wrong; there exists a program!!!



Yes, this program does not only download whole youtube playlists, but also, whole youtube channels, Can you believe that? Add to this that the program is a freeware; in fact, all the programs of this company are freewares!!!

The features of Free YouTube Download:

Free YouTube Download is one of the most usable programs on the web to download YouTube videos, single videos as well as whole collections such as:
– complete playlists and show lists;
– users’ channels;
– all videos from personal playlists (History, Liked, Favourites, Watch later, etc.);
– artist’s playlists;
– videos from Movies Category;
– videos from Music Category;
– videos from YouTube charts;
– video responses.

Free YouTube Download combines simplicity of usage as well as advanced downloading features which you can set as you like:
– download videos in original YouTube quality or convert them to AVI, MP4, WMV;
– enjoy multistream downloading;
– customize output name easily;
– save and load links from external text files;
– save download history;
– import videos to iTunes automatically;
– download videos which require YouTube authorization via Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome;
– enable compatibility with screen reading software.

Free YouTube Download contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

As a thank-you for this great program and other great programs this company produces, I subscribed to their Facebook page. If you liked their program (I am pretty sure that you will), I suggest that you subscribe to their Facebook page as a small return for their great free programs. Here is the link:

Finally, here is the link to the page where you can download “Free youtube Download”.

I highly recommmend this video. I have been using this program since more than 1.5 years, and till now, I haven’t found any thing negative about it. Not a single error did I face when I used this program to download hundreds of videos from youtube.


Anatomy videos by Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal: How to download my whole channel on watch the videos offline? For those of you not interested in “anatomy”, you can read this tutorial just an example.

To download youtube videos  and watch them offine, follow the following steps. I am sure that watching these videos offline would be easier for most students taking into considerations that the prevalence of internet use is still low in most arab countries (isn’t it?) not to mention the absence of high speed connections.

Downloading the videos certainly will decrease the number of views of the videos on my channel. This is to clarify more the fact that I did not upload these videos for fame or financial gain. This is in particular to someone who once contacted  me alluding that I might be “profiting” form publishing these videos!!!


What about the permission of Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal? My explanation is still the same; it is the one I wrote more than two years ago and is placed in the “Description” of each and every 400+ anatomy videos I published.


1. If you want to download my whole channel, copy its URL: If you want to download specific playlist, for example, “Upper Limb”, locate its URL then copy it: Do the same for other playlists either in my channel or in any place in youtube!

2. Open “Free YouTube Download”.

3. Click on the “Paste Button”.

4. The program will take a short time analyzing the channel; notice the word “Checking”. You can choose the “Quality” of the videos to be downloaded. The program can download the videos in multiple formats; the higher the defintion, the larger the size of the downloaded video, and subsequently, the longer the time for the downloads to finish!


5. the numbe of videos will appear.

6. You can specify which videos to or not to download by clicking on the “Playlist” blue link.


7. Click the image button to start downloading and wait until all videos are finished donwloading. All done automatically without the need of any further interference on your behalf.

Happy Studying!!!

Youtube charts: Most viewed youtube videos 30.08.2010

youtube most viewed video 30.08.2010