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For foreign doctors: Links to medical German material on the internet

Google Health News in German

Google News section for “Medical News” in German

• Google News – Health section in German:

• The most important, in my opinion, is Google News section for “Medical News” in German. This is the most interesting as it allows you to keep updated with the most famous news on the internet in German:

• Website of the German Medical Journal (Deutsches Ärzteblatt):

This Journal is published every week by the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer)  [Website in German and in English] (Wikipedia article about the German Medical Association in English) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung – KBV) [Website in German and in English] (Wikipedia article about KBV in English)

The website of this Journal has medical and non-medical news, a Continuing Medical Education (CME) section, Forums, Blogs, a section for jobs (Ärztestellenthat ontains free Ads for jobs, and other section.

German medical videos:

N.B. Read this explanation on how to download whole YouTube channels or playlists automatically: How to download all videos from a youtube playlist or even all videos of a youtube channel?


– DW Channel’s Program: Fit & Gesund:

– YouTube: Search for terms like, “Medizin“, “medizinische“, “medizinische Terminologie“, “Untersuchung“.

– To find long videos for listening, search only for videos that are long (~20 minute). For example, following is a search for “innere medizin” and there are 1,080 results (Link to this search).

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German medical dictionaries:


– Ärztliche Wortwahl — The Doctor´s Choice of Words: Glossary of Technical Terms for the Health Care Sector (English German),


Medical terminology:

There are many sites and many PDF documents available through Google search for “medizinische wortschatz”:


Medical Forums:

Assistenzarzt-Forum – von der Approbation bis zur Facharztprüfung: This is the most comprehensive forum that I know about for medical specialty in Germany. It seems to has thousands of members. It is professional. Unfortuantely, it is in German.


• A post in my Blog: “15 Facebook Groups related to Medical Specialty in Germany“.

Links für deutsch Zeitschriften:

Deutsch lernen mit Videos aus dem Bereich Humanmedizin im Internet

Deutsch lernen mit Videos aus dem Bereich Humanmedizin im Internet: 2418 medizinische Videos stehen allein bei dieser Datenbank zur Verfügung:


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Author of this article: Mr. Teddy Kabel (

Eine Homepage, die fast alle Seiten der Gesundheitsfragen abdeckt

Eine Homepage, die fast alle Seiten der Gesundheitsfragen abdeckt, ist meine Empfehlung für heute. Sie finden: Krankheiten, Symptome, Medikamente, Antworten zu Schwangerschaft und Familie, Tipps zu gesundem Leben, es gibt illustrierte Nachrichten, Spiele, Videos, Selbsttests usw.

Author of this article: Mr. Teddy Kabel.