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How can you find an accomodation in Germany?

When you have a work in Germany, and you want to find an accomodation for a long duration, you can here find one:

– Go to: [Wohnen] – [Suchen] – [Mietwohnung]

If you are visiting Germany for a shorter duration, I also have tips for you:

• Rent a guest room in private house

• Furnished room or apartment,

• When you come to Germany for a seminar and you search for an official stay in a boarding house (guest house).

• Also, if you intend for a shorter time, but not so expensive like a boarding house (guest house), you can try this site. However, it is often simpler furnisherd.

• Of course, there are hotels too!

• There are also in every city brokers/agents (German: Makler), who can help with the search for an accomodation, you can find them with yellow pages under “Makler”.

• You can find comfortablly live with new friends. [You can live only for few days. It is mainly for people who travel for fun and want to get new people.]


• Written in German by: Mr. Teddy Kabel,