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How to apply for a clinical attachment (Eine Hospitation) in Germany

1) Find websites of German hospitals through these three websites based on region, postal code, region, specialty, etc:

– Websites of all university hopsitals in Germany.

– Liste der akademischen Lehrkrankenhäuser in Deutschland (Wikipedia article): You can find the names of hospitals here and then google their names.

2) Enter into the websites of the hospitals and find the emails of the Chefs (head of departments) and secretaries of the departments in which you like to do a Hospitation.

3) Send them an email in GERMAN. If you want to write in English then you are wasting your time. The email should include your CV and German language certificate (or that you are currently enrolled in a language school). Few told me that they lied and wrote that they have the B2 certificate although they did not have it! This might work. But now, if there is a potential place for you, it is not rare to be asked to send the hospital scanned copies of your language certificate. Sometimes also, if you are in Germany, you are asked to bring the language  certificate, along with other certificates, into the interview.

Template of an email:

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof./Dr. med. FAMILIENNAME,

ich heiße VORNAME NACHNAME und komme aus Jordanien. Hiermit bewerbe ich mich um Hospitation. Ich habe an der NAME Universität in LAND Medizin studiert. Ich lerne Deutsch und habe B2 Zertifikat vom NAME (z.B. Goethe-Institut in Amman).

Ich möchte gerne eine Hospitation vom XX/XX/XXX bis XX/XX/XXXX an Ihrem Klinikum machen. Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich einen Praktikumsplatz bei Ihnen erhalten könnte.

Anhang schicke ich Ihnen meinen Lebenslauf und mein B2-Zertifikat vom Goethe-Institut.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

4) Wait for a positive reply. Congratulations for acceptance. Wait for the invitation letter and then print it and take it with you to apply for a Visa to Germany. See the required documents and steps for a long staying (Langeaufenthalt Visum) (Visa D) in this article:

Required Papers for Applying for a Visa D (a long-term visa) from the German Embassy in Amman


• Some doctors send more than one thousand emails and do not get a reply. Others send 100 and get a reply. In general, you need to send hundreds of emails. The competition is now high in Germany and a lot of doctors are applying for clinical attachments, especially from Arab countries. In Facebook groups, and in person from the mouth of a German doctor, I read and heard that emails from Arab countries are sent directly to spam. I do not know how they can do this.

• The motto of many doctors is: “Send as many emails you can, to the largest number of departments possible, and when you get positive replies, you can then choose the best offer and send apology emails (Ledier) to the other hospitals that accepted you“!!!

• The replies that arrive quickly are mostly negative replies (Leider… We are sorry).

• When sending multiple emails, some doctors forget to change the name of the professor after “Sehr geehrte/r (Dear)”.  Therefore, be sure to check that. In addition, do not send an email to a Chef in the department of Surgery and say that you want to do a clinical attachment in his department because you love internal medicine (i.e., do not send your email to wrong department).

• Almost all people discourage asking for accomodation, not to mention pocket money, in the first email. If they replied positively, you can ask for an accomodation. Through what I read in groups, it is now “imaginary” to ask for pocket money. On the other hand, if you got a positive response, they might mention to you if you will be paid or not or if they would offer you an accomodation. This is an example of a doctor who received a positive reply for a clinical attachment that is not paid. He wanted to send an email thanking the Chef for the positive reply and to ask for an accomodation, or at least, help in finding an accomodation close to the hospital:

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Familienname,

Danke schön für Ihre positive Antwort und ich bin sehr dankbar zu Ihnen. Ich verstehe, dass ich keine Vergütung bekommen werde. Und bin damit auch vollkommen einverstanden. Aber es wäre sehr nett von Ihnen wenn Sie mir eine Wohnung in dem Krankenhaus anbieten könnten. Wenn das nicht möglich ist, kann jemand in Ihrem Krankenhaus mir helfen, eine nahe gelegene Wohnung zu finden?


Mit den besten Grüßen,

• When you write emails, try to make them “concise and precise”.