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Panormaic view from top of my house created using “Kolor autpano Giga 2.5”

Photo0437 Photo0438 Photo0439 Photo0440 Photo0441 Photo0443 Photo0444 Photo0445 Photo0446 Photo0447 Photo0448 Photo0449

I took the above “12” photos using the 5 MP camera of my Nokia X2-00 cell phone. I merged them into one photo using a special program called “Kolor Autopano Giga”. This program does not require any special knowledge or training. With a few clicks, it automatically generates one panoramic photo.

Here is the resultant photo. Click on it to be able to see more details; you will be taken to the same photo in my Picasa account. To zoom in, one of the buttons in the picasa page is a “zoom in” button in the form of a “magnifying glass image.

Click to go to the same photo in my picasa accout. There, you can zoom in the photo to see more details.


I have written about the same program in 16.08.2009. Click here to read the post and see another photo that I created using an earlier version of the program. It is because of how enthusiastic and impressed that I am writing for the second time about this program.