Doing Psychiatry Residency in Germany: Hands-on Experience

A video by Tejas Ghetias and Jameel Hijazeen. In this video we discuss, as foreign doctors who had hands-on experience as psychiatry residents here in Germany, many aspects regarding doing a psychiatry residency in Germany. Questions like:
# Does my language need to be excellent to be accepted in a residency program in psychiatry? Is it harder than other specialities?
# Duration of the specialization and what is included in it
# Advantages and disadvantages
# Income and costs of the specialization
# Strong points in your CV so as to get the position as a residence for psychiatry
# If you started the specialization, could you later change your mind and change the specialty?

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Jameel Hijazeen (Moa’bite)

Tejas Ghetia (Your2ndHeart)
Youtube :


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