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Q & A Medical Specialization in Germany – A Facebook live event by Jameel Hijazeen and Tejas Ghetia



Great channel for preparation for the Fachsprachenprüfung (Anamnese, Aufklärung, Vorstellung von Patienten, Briefe)


The URL of the channel:


I watched the following two videos and I found them great. Even after working in Germany for almost two years, I learnt from them:



Video simulation: Vorstellungsgespräch für Ärzte in Deutschland (Job Interviews for doctors in Germany)

How should I prepare myself for Vorstellungsgespräch/Interview?

What questions are asked in interview for a job as Assistenzarzt/ medical resident

What should I expect in an Interview for Assistenzarzt job?

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A video by Jameel Hijazeen and Tejas Ghetia (both international medical residents in Germany).

Jameel Hijazeen (Moa’bite)

Tejas Ghetia (Your2ndHeart)

Für die Assistenäzrte: Medizinische Apps im Deutschen