I am no longer the administrator of “Doctors Going to Germany”

Dear colleagues,

Due to long-term and time-consuming goals in life, I gave up the administration of the group “Doctors Going to Germany” today. I expect that the group will contain about 4.000 members in the next one to two weeks. I gave the administration to a Mr. Teddy Kabel. He is a German man who helped me, and I am sure he helped hundreds of other foreign doctors who are aiming for a medical residency in Germany! To him I am very grateful. I believe that the group is in safe hands with him!

I wish all foreign doctors who are aiming for a medical residency in Germany a lot of luck. But before that, I hope that they read a lot before taking the decision to continue the training here in Germany or in any other country in the world. Every destination has advantages and disadvantages and as they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” (thinking of things as positive or negative is often subjective). Therefore, read a lot and find yourself the country on earth where it is best for you to do your medical specialization.

Best regards,

Berlin, 28.11.2015

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