Medical License Authorities where foreign doctors could apply for Approbation without Einstellungszusage (a promise to work = being accepted to work in a hospital)

You would 99% do a medical knowledge exam in order to get the Approbation. I do not know further details. You can find the further details about the content of the exams and the exact required documents for application in the websites of the medical license authorities in the mentioned authorities.

1) Baden Württemberg:

2) Köln:

3) Berlin:

If you applied for Approbation in any of the above authorities, then please post your experience as a comment.

If you know of other authorities, then please also write a comment.


Read further details about the applying for the Approbation here in Germany (highly recommended):

Do you want to quickly get the Approbation? Where and how? A very important advice for graduates of universities from outside of the European Union

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  2. Posted by Abhay on 09/20/2015 at 17:17

    Thank you so much for this really elaborate and helpful Blog. Its one of the most informative Blog that i have ever read. I have been reading this Blog since November 2014 and still i can find new information being updated and shared.

    I am writing for a bit of help today. I am in Deutschland and i have an option to apply for Approbation in Köln, Stuttgart (BW) and hopefully Düsseldorf. I read in your blog that it is the most difficult to get approbation here in these 3 regions. I have done my graduation from India, have a work experience of 1 year and then 3 years of Residency in G.Surgery in India. What do you suggest how should i go about it. In all the three places they are offering me a Hospitation for 3 months and then consequently an Assistenzarzt stelle.

    Abhay Setia


    • Hi,

      Thanks for the nice comments. In all of these 3 places, can you work with Berufserlaubnis then do the Kenntnissprüfung? If you can work for at least 1 year and then do the knowledge exam, then apply there. Otherwise getting Gleichfertigkeit is there almost impossible and you must wait before you could work!!! I read about the experience of a Syrian Gynecologist who waited for months and had to file a lawsuit in order to be granted the Approbation in Cologne.

      With your experience, you could get Gleichwertigkeit in Sachsen, Arnsberg, and new to my knowledge, in the German state of Mecklenberg-Wermont (the state in norhtern Germany).

      Also in Sachsen you could get Gleichwertigkeit or at least, you could get Berufserlaubnis for 2 years and during this time you could fully prepare your self for the knowledge exam!



  3. Posted by Abhay on 09/20/2015 at 17:53

    Thanks for the reply,
    I know i can work in BW, thats what the Personalabteilung said, that if i have an Erlaubnis, i can work with them for 1 year or may be more. Not so sure about the others.
    The states of Sachsen, Mecklenberg-Wermont und also Regierung Arnsberg that you mention, can i apply for Approbation without Einstellungszusage? If thats the case then i think i can work in BW and apply in one of these Regions. And i have always read that this Kenntnisse Prüfung is very diffucult, I really would want to have a way to avoid that.

    Kind regards


    • “I know i can work in BW, thats what the Personalabteilung said, that if i have an Erlaubnis, i can work with them for 1 year or may be more. “… If you could Berufserlaubnis directly without doing a knowledge exam then go for it!!!

      – The states of Sachsen, Mecklenberg-Wermont : Eistellungszusage needed then one get Approbation.

      – Arnsberg: One need Hospitationbescheingung at least 2 Months or Einstellungszusage and then applies for Approbation. With experience, it is much likely that one would get “Gleichwertigkeit” and then need to do a Medical Langage Exam. (

      More about the required documents in Arnsberg:

      Read this article about avoiding the knowledge exam:



      • Posted by Abhay on 09/20/2015 at 19:07

        Thanks again, Yes the lady in BW – Regierungspräsidium said that they will grant me an Erlaubnis. I will try to get hospitation for 2 months or more in Arnsberg also. I have already read all the Posts from your blog, Thanks once again.


        • Posted by Abhay on 09/20/2015 at 20:55

          And i have searched the Internet over the process of Approbation in Bayern, and i couldnt find anything. Do you have any idea regarding it. Does anyone? the website i have read but it doesnt give a clear picture and they dont answer the Kontakt numbers thtat they have given there. Could you help me with a link or somethin.


          • I know only onething about Bayern: For Graduates of Euroepan Union, they get directly the Approbation. From an Approbationbehörde heißt “Oberbayejavascript” directly without any exam. Only B2 exam!


        • Posted by Rohan on 05/31/2016 at 07:45

          Hello Abhay.

          Finally did you get your beruferlaubnis without Einstellungszusage from BW?


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