Salaries of doctors in Germany according to Marburger Bund

The tables in the PDF document at the end of this post show the salaries of doctors in Germany according to Marburgerg Bund. The salaries are in Brutto (that means, before taxes). The tax depends on whether you are single or married, have children or not, and other factors. I do not have further information. One resident told me that the taxes for a single doctor might be 35% of the whole salary (Brutto). This will result in a Netto (salary after deduction of taxes) of about 2,300 +/- 200 Euro. Do you have further details? Please make a comment.

The following article support my figure above:

The salary is up to experience. A doctor straight from school will ear gross €3,944 a month, for the first year, keeping about €2,361. The tariff raises yearly. If an assistant doctor has worked in Germany for six years, the wage tariff is €5,070. However, according to Mr Herrmann, they net only €2,925, approximately.


Source: “Doctors also leaving wealthy countries”,

There are free websites that will help you calculate the Netto, but the information they are requesting are complex and I cannot understand them:…8348.9087.0.9301.….0…1c.1.55.serp..


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The full details can be found here:

Doctors salaries in germany, german doctor salaries

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