How to and how easy is it to get C1 level in Telc B2-C1 Medical exam? Be the judge yourself!

telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin

Telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin tests medical German language of doctors. It is called B2-C1 because it tests “indirectly” the Grammer of B2 level but the writing and speaking ability of C1 level (not very sure about what is B2 or C1… What is important, this is why it is called B2-C1. Not everything is required to be C1 level). This exam is now required for granting Approbation in many German states. I am sure about Hessen and Baden Wütemberg. However, this exam is not only important for Approbation. Its importance stems mainly that it can bring the doctor a lot of job interviews. Many Chefarzts (head doctors) and hospitals, as I was many times told, prefer applicants who have achieved C1 level in this exam. The doctors who passed this exam are considered to have the ability to to communicate and express themselves well in medical settings; whether with the patients, their relatives, and their colleagues.

• Information about the exam directly from the exam developer and the issuer of the certificate – Telc Institut: • Frequently asked questions:


The following is the most important page. From it, you can download a PDF file representing a full Telc B2-C1 Medizin moch exam (full real exam). In this page also, you can download (or listen online) to audio files that represent the listening texts of the listening section in the book.

– Link to page: – I copied the PDF download link. You can download the PDF file of the mock test from here: Download mock examination (PDF, 8,0 MB)

Finally, ist it a pass/fail exam? Or in otherwords, how can a person get a C1 level in this exam?

This is explained in pages 53-55 of the mock exam PDF above. Unfortunatley, it is in German. However, it is not hard to be understood. This snapshot is from page 55 and represents the only three possiblities in which a participant can reach C1 level:


Not literal tanslation:

The participant would get a C1 certificate if he got a C1 level in the oral part of the exam and C1 level in “writing” or “listening/reading/vocabulary”. Getting C1 level in the oral part of the exam is a MUST! Otherwise, you will never get a C1 Certificate.

Therefore, there are only three possible cases for getting a C1 certificate:

– Case 1: A participant who got C1 in all parts of the exam.
– Case 2: A participant who got C1 in Oral part, C1 in listening/reading/vocabulary, and B2 in writing.
– Case 3: A participant who got C1 in Oral part, C1 in writing, and B2 in listening/reading/vocabulary.

Getting C1 Level

Scenarios for getting the B2 certificate:
(note: all the snapshots below are also from mock exam PDF file, pages 53-55)


Getting B2 level

Scenario for getting no certificate? Getting B1 level or a lower level in any exam part:

Getting no certificate


The total number of marks in each section are different. For writing it is for example 40. But for speaking it is 100. The details:





Writing - C1 Level in Telc


Exam format:

Übungtest 1 - Deutsch Medizin - Prüfungsvorbereitung_000007

Finally, how much does the exam cost?

According to the FAQ’s page in Telc’s website:

Your examination centre will inform you about the exam fee. Each examination centre is free to determine the exam fee individually, so unfortunately we cannot give you any details.


I found the following centers and the exam fees range from 150-210 Euro:


1) The exam costs, for those not already registered in the center (external examinees), 180 Euro (

2) 150 Euro:

3) 180/200 Euro:

4) 210 Euro:

5) Early registration 180 Euro and late registration 200 Euro:



5 responses to this post.

  1. I just want to point out, that the exam “telc Deutsch B2-C1” Medizin is a scaled exam. That means that in every skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking and structures) B2 and C1 is tested. There is no special grammar part (there is one part, called “Sprachbausteine” – but this is not (only) grammar but structures).

    To get an idea of your current German language level, please feel free to do our placement test on The test is free of charge.

    We offer special preparation courses for doctores.

    The exam telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin is offered monthly in our testing center in Mannheim:

    In cooperation with a German lawyer, we also offer help in appliying for your visa and work permission.

    Feel free to contact us, if you have questions or need assistance.


    • Vielen Dank für den Kommentar Herr Dr. Renner 🙂 Can you please explain more your services regarding the visa and the working permission?


      • Dear Mr. Hijazeen,

        we have a cooperation with a German lawyer. He is specialiced in “Ausländerrecht”.

        Please find some information regarading the “Blue Card”

        Der Grundsatz.
        Fachkräfte aus Drittstaaten, mit ausländischem 4 jährigen Hochschulabschluss (Universität oder Fachhochschule) haben unbeschränkten Zugang zum deutschen Arbeitsmarkt, sofern ihnen bereits ein Arbeitsplatz zugesagt wurde.
        Der ausländische Abschluss, muss in Deutschland formell anerkannt sein.

        Der erforderliche Verdienst.
        Der erforderliche Jahresverdienst muss bei mindestens bei 44000 Euro Brutto liegen.
        Bei Ärzten, Ingenieuren Maschinen und Fahrzeugbau sowie Elektrotechnik, Experten der Fachrichtung Versorgungs- und Entsorgungstechnik, Softwareentwickler und Programmierern- insgesamt bei 60 Berufen-genügt ein Einkommen von 34900 Euro Brutto.
        Die Blue Card führt zum Daueraufenthalt.

        Die Erlaubnis wird zunächst für 4 Jahren erteilt. Ist der deutsche Arbeitsvertrag auf eine kürzere Zeit befristet, so läuft die Aufenthaltserlaubnis für diese Zeit, plus 3 Monate für die Arbeitssuche.
        Nach 33 Monaten erhält der Inhaber der Blue Card das Recht zum Daueraufenthalt (Niederlassungserlaubnis)

        We have cooperation with German Hospitals as well and we can organize internships etc. after attending our language courses.

        I will be in Jordan from 18.09-20.09.2014. Feel free to meet me there if you would like to get more information.


        • Thanks a lot for the information. At the moment, I do not think that I need any help. I do not know if I will any in the future. It would be always good to know information about things that a person could possibly need. I would be attending the exam. I would also be happy to attend any lecture or seminar that you might present. Thanks for your comments 🙂


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