Welcoming the doctor who developed the Patientenkommunikationstest in “Doctors Going to Germany”: Dr. Nabeel Farhan

Dr. Nabeel Farhan, Freiburg International Academy

I am proud and happy to welcome a new member in this group. He is a foreign doctor who can be easily considered as a role model for foreign doctors in Germany. He now has a medical specialty in Neurosurgery, holds a Masters Degree in Medical Education, works in Freiburg University Hospital, and is the Medical Leader of FIA Freiburg International Academy. According to the Journal of the German Medical Association, this doctor developed the famous exam “Patient Communication Test”. I am proud to welcome the Saudi doctor, Dr. Nabeel Farhan, in this group. Welcome and thank you for answering my questions earlier this evening.

About Dr. Farhan:
– Dr. Farhan’s page in the website of Freiburg International Academy: https://www.freiburg-international-academy.de/ueber-uns/team/

– “Dr. Nabeel Farhan – a doctor from Saudi Arabia studying and working in Germany” Interview by Goethe Institute, Abu Dhabi, http://www.goethe.de/ins/ae/en/abu/lrn/mld/dfn.html

– An article in the website of the Journal of the German Medical Association (“Entwickelt wurde der Patientenkommunikationstest von Dr. Nabeel Farhan an der Universität Freiburg”), http://www.aerztezeitung.de/panorama/article/846328/reportage-zwei-aerzten-sprachpruefung.html.

– Interview by Das Erste: http://www.daserste.de/information/wirtschaft-boerse/plusminus/videos/aerztemangel-wenn-der-arzt-kaum-deutsch-spricht-100.html (The video talks about the lack of doctors in Germany, exam tourism for foreign doctors in Germany and the Patient Communication Test).

– “My Life in Germany | In Focus”: A promotional English documentary about studying in Germany, targeting mainly Arabs and Muslims, as it depicts the life of a vailed Saudi woman, a Kuwaiti doctor, and a Saudi doctor (Yes, Dr. Nabeel Farhan). It is 26-minute-long, Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqwbbJSPYTw

– Facebook page of FIA (Freiburg International Academy), the institution which administers the Patient Communication Test (Like it to keep updated about new information about this exam): https://www.facebook.com/pages/FIA-Freiburg-International-Academy/674063622680689

– Dr. Nabeel Farhan on LinkedIn: http://de.linkedin.com/pub/nabeel-farhan/94/709/58b/en

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