Not a dream: Take online courses from famous universities for FREE!!!


Will the poor one day have free access to high quality education from the most famous universities in the world? A website called “coursera” is a step in this direction.

A colleague of mine, Hamzeh Itum (Thanks a lot 🙂 ), sent me a link to an online English course that covers research basics for medical professionals (See the course description and the link at the end of post). It is taught by doctors from the University of California, San Francisco. There are online lectures 2-3 times weekly with homework and online quizzes. I thought that it would cost at least tens of dollars. At the end, it turned out that this course, and all courses in this website, even from famous universities, are all FREE! There are thousands of courses that take place in this website in more than ten languages and in different branches of knowledge. However, to get a verifiable certificate at the end of the course, you need to finish assignments before deadlines and pay 60$. Attendance is again FREE.

A lot of respect to whoever came up with this idea and I hope that humanity will invest more money and effort in such websites!



Understanding Research: An Overview for Health Professionals


About the Course:
This course looks at the various aspects of research as it pertains to health.

The course objectives are as follows:

  • Summarize the format of research articles and the research methods included in each section of an article.
  • Analyze and critique research questions, study design, methods including sample selection, bias, data collection procedures, measures, and analysis plan, results, discussion and interpretation of findings.
  • Compare and contrast different quantitative study designs.
  • Analyze the validity and reliability of measures.
  • Understand the ethical and cultural issues related to research methods.



Update 21.08.2014:

Thanks to a Facebook comment by another colleague of mine, Hamza Ayman Arabiyat, I discovered that another website offers “great online courses from the world’s best universities”. It called edX (

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