To get a medical license (Approbation in Germany): You need to have and translate (?) these documents

Lists of documents to be taken and translated into German


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This is a suggested list for papers to be taken with you to Germany. Some need to be translated and legalized here in Jordan. There is a debate about translation and legalization in Jordan since it costs a lot (the German embassy takes 44 JD per document, with few exception like birth certificate for 20 JD). Many confidently say that you can translate everything in German and it will be much cheaper. Regardless where you will translate, you need to have all the above documents with you when you travel. In Germany, the not integral papers (e.g., curriculum) mostly are not requested to be translated. This depends on the medical licensing authority where you are applying for an Approbation (23 authority as of 2013) (see the list here:


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