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Optical illusion in Qasr al Abd ,`Iraq al Amir, ِAmman, Jordan – خداع بصري داخل قصر العبد، عراق الأمير، عمان، الأردن

These photos were taken on 22/06/2014 inside of Qasr al Abd (literal translation from Arabic: palace of the slave) (Wikipeida article) close to the village of ‘Iraq Al Amir (Wikipedia article), Amman, Jordan.

According to Wikipedia, this palace dates back to almost 200 B.C. In it, I saw the largest building stones in a historical place in Jordan. The next photo gives an indication about how large the stones of this palace are.

A nice tourist serving as a scale for this photo

A nice tourist serving as a scale for this photo


These are general views from inside the palace:

Qasr al Abd Qasr al Abd Qasr al Abd


Inside of the palace, my brother and I did the following “risky” stunt:

Optical illusion inside of Qasr al Abd ,`Iraq al Amir, ِAmman, Jordan خداع بصري داخل قصر العبد، عراق الأمير، عمان، الأردنOptical illusion inside of Qasr al Abd ,`Iraq al Amir, ِAmman, Jordan خداع بصري داخل قصر العبد، عراق الأمير، عمان، الأردن (2)


Concerning the two of me in the above photo, my brother took two photos of me at two different times from almost the same spatial ponit. Therefore, I could put the two photos on top of each other using PowerPoint and then cropped one photo to only show me. Following are the two original photos:

Optical illusion inside of Qasr al Abd ,`Iraq al Amir, ِAmman, Jordan خداع بصري داخل قصر العبد، عراق الأمير، عمان، الأردن


Cropped part

Cropped part

Concerning that my brother and I did a risky stunt, we did not do that because what you see is an optical illusion. Actually, we did not plan that. We just disocvered the illusion while viewing the photos on PC. He and I jumped not from the second floor but from the column in which I am standing on in the second photo. The landing point is not the ground but a continuation of wall. That means a less than meter difference in altitude between the two points. So, it is not as dangerous as it seems. Actually, I do not think it was dangerous at all. Therefore, the next time you happen to pass by Qaser al Abd, you know where and in which position to take a photo.

More photos from our visit:


Our Facebook Group for Sharing Information for and by “Doctors Going to Germany”

Logo of the Facebook Group: Doctors Going to Germany

Logo of the Facebook Group: Doctors Going to Germany

Doctors Going to Germany


Dear colleagues,

I am a General Physician and Blogger from Jordan. I graduated from Mutah UniversityJordan in June 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). Direclty after graduation, I knew about the chances for medical specialty in Germany and easily and quickly took the decision to continue my medical specialty in Germany. I learnt German in Jordan and after ten months passed the German B2 level exam (My experience here). I applied for visa and I will be hopefully traveling soon to Germany. I am aiming at finding a residency position in psychiatry.

The fith most common post in my Blog (25/07/2014)

I am an enthusiastic blogger since 2007 and my Blog has so far 385 published posts. On 8/11/2014, with the little German I knew back then, I translated and discussed an article related to medical specailty in Germany (Article: Dear foreign doctor, are you dreaming of a medical specialty in Germany?…). This post had a lot of comments and views and it soon became very famous. My blog’s statistics (the snapshot photo to the left) show that this post is now the fifth most commonly visited post in my blog. The apparent reason is that it ranks high in Google search results. For example, it ranks third in Google search for “medical specialty for Germany” (Link). More importantly, I think that the reason is the absence of English blogs, forums, or Facebook groups that are dedicated for “Doctors Going to Germany”. Can you make a comment about any you know of?

Based on the above, I started posting more information that could help foreign doctors deciding to travel to Germany. There is now a separate section in my Blog for that purpose titled “Doctors Going to Germany” ( I have published 46 posts in this section so far (I am particularly indebted to a Mr. Teddy Kabel whom I copy his posts and links from Facebook). My blog’s section has sub-sections and you can explore them from the blog’s menus (See the snapshot below). Alternatively, you can click directly on the section’s name (Doctors Going to Germany) and be able to explore all of the posts in this section. If you select an individual sub-section, then you could only read the articles in that sub-section alone.

Doctors Going to Germany -  Sub-sections

Click on “Doctors Going to Germany” (inside of the red oval form) to read all posts in my Blog that are related to medical specialty and Master/PhD for foreign doctors in Germany. Alternatively, check on any of the sub-menu items to read posts in each of these subsections alone.

Moreover, I had a facebook group called “Doctors Learning German Together” (*). Seeing the number of visits and comments in my blog, and realizing the scarcity of English information on the internet, then I changed the name and aims of this group to make it for and by “Doctors Going to Germany“. What is this group exactly about? This is explained in the four group terms:

1. This group is only for medical specialty and/or Master and PhD for medical doctors in Germany.

2. Languages of Posts and Comments are English or German: The members of this group are from all over the world. When the discussions are in English or German, then the greatest majority of members can benefit and/or take part in them. Moreover, when the members know that each new post in this group is in English or German, then they would probably visit the group again and again. *** Therefore, any post not in English or German will be deleted. It is hoped that your comments are also too in English or German ***Doctors Learning German Together - Facebook Group

3. No posts about learning the German language: There are hundreds of groups and pages for teaching the German language. You can join any of them. We do not want to steal precious time from the members. Exceptions are materials related to the medical German language (mainly, books, audiobooks, websites, etc.)

4. No jokes, quotes, funny/interesting photos or videos: All will be deleted and with repeated violations, the member will be removed from the group.

5. If you have a question or a comment, please do not send private messages to group members: Try your best to publish a new post or make a comment. You can tag whoever you think could answer your question. When the discussions are public, then you will certainly benefit others and more than one person can possibly answer your question.

Finally, I really do not have enough time to answer individual messages that will benefit only one person. So please do not send me a private message. Ask in the group or post your questions as comments in this blog. Only in such ways can many people join the discussion!


Help others and get helped!


Best regards,

*The URL of the Facebook group ends with “DoctorsLearningGermanTogether”. This was the name of the group as it was established. However, because the aims of the group changed, I changed the group’s name as it was no longer well representative. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow changing the URL of a group once it is chosen. Therefore, we are forced to stick with this URL.

15 Facebook Groups related to Medical Specialty in Germany

Important Medicine-related websites in Germany

• Website of the German Medical Association: In English (link) and German (link).

• Website of the German ministry of Health: In English (link) and German (link).


Author of this article: Mr. Teddy Kabel.


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Author of this article: Mr. Teddy Kabel.