Answers to the 19 most FAQs by foreign physicians about medical specialty in Germany

For foreign doctors asking about medical specialty in Germany, the full details are in this page in the website of the famous Marbuger Bund:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions by foreign physicians*

1. Which organisation is competent for the recognition of foreign medical diplomas?
2. What are the documents to be submitted for the recognition?
3. What role does the citizenship play regarding the granting of the medical license?
4. I have successfully completed my medical formation in a member country of the European Union (EU), in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. Will my medical diploma be recognized?
5. I have started my medical education in an EU country before the specified reference date (before the EU-entry of the country). Will my medical diploma be recognised?
6. I have started my medical education at a time when the territory of the current EU country (e.g. Lithuania) belonged to the territory of another state (e.g. the Sovjet Union). Will my diploma be recognised?
7. Where do I find the European Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications on the Internet?
8. I have successfully completed my education in a country outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Will my diploma be recognised?
9. What is an assessment test?
10. When do I have to take the assessment test?
11. How can I prepare for the assessment test?
12. How am I getting paid during the “preparatory period”?
13. What is the maximum period of time such professional permits can be granted for?
14. What language skills are required?
15. Which organisation is responsible for further medical training as a specialist?
16. Do I have to register with a State Chamber?
17. What are the income opportunities for physicians during further medical training and for specialists?
18. What does the job market look like and where do I look for vacancies?
19. Which organisation can advise me in matters pertaining to labour law?

*This catalogue of questions and answers is only a recommendation and legally not binding. It is not meant to replace counselling by the relevant regional association of the Marburger Bund or the Federal Association which will gladly support you in any specific case.



Author of this article: Mr. Teddy Kabel.

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