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Required Papers for Applying for a Visa D (a long-term visa) from the German Embassy in Amman

### From the website of the German embassy in Amman (link):

• An appointment for a Visa D (a long-term visa) through:


RK Termin   Kategorie wählen - Visum D
• Security questioning (إستجواب أمني) X 2 copies: This is downloaded from the website of the embassy.

• A filled Visa D application X 2 copies: This is downloaded from the embassy website.

– During my visa D application, all the applicants were asked to write their phone numbers and emails in the last page of the application. Despite that this is not request in the application.


### From Germany:
• A proof for a Hospitasion (clinical attachment) or language courses for more than three months: Of course, the more the months more than three months, the better. However, some Auslanderamts (Foreigeners offices) no longer give Visa D for a Hospitaation (no matter how long it is). Some say that the embassy now only approves two Hospitasions from two different places lasting more than three months.

• Proof of funding: There are two methods. The most commonly used is the closed bank account method. The other method is that someone in Germany would agree to sign a paper that says that he supports you during your stay in Germany. I do not know further details about how this is done. In the other method, the closed account (Sperrkonto), you need to had deposited 670 € for each month you plan to stay in Germany. If you had extra money in the account, this is an advantage. So, do not stick with the required money for the months you are staying in Germany.

– An post in my blog: A Closed Deutsche Bank Account (Sperrkonto): My Experience in Jordan

– How to open a Sperrkonto (instructions in Arabic from blog of Dr. Firas Obeidat:

– Link to have an appointment for the Official legalisation of your signature in the Germany embassy in Amman (Because you need to sign the closed bank account application in the presence of an employee from the embassy):

Official legalisation of your signature/Certification of copies المصادقة على التواقيع

### From Jordan:
• Travel health insurance: It costs around 35-60 JDs/six months. There are multiple companies that can give you this insurance. You can find the recognized companies at the website of the German embassy in Amman (link).  I called about seven companies of those recognized by the German embassy and asked for how much does a nine-month insurance cost. I was told by multiple companies that there is no such insurance for nine months and that one can either take a six- or a12-month-insurance (not sure about a three-month insurance). I did not call more than seven companies because my friends told me that the cheapest is the Euro Arab Insurance Company (06/شركة التأمين الأوروبية 06/5928214 -5928206) (link).  They asked for 38 JD for six months and 51 JD for 12 months. Other companies asked for up to 70 JDs for a 12-month insurance. Therefore, I only called the other companies just to make sure of the informations of my friends and that I thought that I might learn something new. My friends were correct except that one company (General Arabia Ltd. 06/4644334) asked for 50.5 JD. I now regret not having asked the employee what the 0.5 JD is for! However, because my friends recommended the Euro Arab Insurance Company, the o.5 JD surely did not make me hesitate going to the Euro Arab Insurance Copmany. I thought that the application will take hours or that they will ask me to come in the next day. All what I did was that I paid 51 JD, then in less than 30 seconds, the employee copied my information from my  passport (you need to have it with you) on a paper, specified the beginning and end dates, and then gave the paper to me. That was all! It did not take more than five minutes.

• Photos X 2: There are special photos for the German embassy and only specific shops offer them. In Amman, the following shops offer this service: :
a. ستوديو سلام عند دوار عبدون
b. ستوديو الجبيهة عند البوابة الشمالية للجامعة الأردنية (link to location and contact information): I was photographed there and they charged me 4.5 JD for eight small photos (according to the specifications by the German embassy). They gave me an extra large photo (about 10 X 6 cm). I wished that the price was cheaper than them giving me this extra large photo.
c. ستوديو أبو غزالة جبل عمان بجانب السفارة العراقية

• Two copies from the first two pages of the passport (including the first the page which contains your photo) (نسختين من جواز السفر):

• In case you are applying for a long-term visa to study language, then you need a letter of motivation. This is not always requested but is written among the official papers for a student visa in the website of the German embassy. There are multiple sources on the internet on how to write a motivational letter (Google search: How to write a letter of motivation). Next is how I wrote mine (Word Docuemnt). I based it mostly on that by an Indian applying to a German university.

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Optional: Not known to be requested
• High school (Tawjihee) certificate in English X 2 copies
• Medicine Certificate in English X 2 copies
• Medicine Marks X 2 copies
• CV (Lebenslauf) X 2 copies (Consider signing it. Signing your certificate was required by a German medical license authority -Approbationbehörde. I cannot remember its name. Since I read that then I decided to sign every CV of mine).
• Birth certificate X 2 copies
### Fees of application: 60 Euro. If your application was later not accepted Germany, this money will not be returned. If it was refused at the same day of application in Jordan, you will not have to pay them.
### No copies need to be certified. You need only to have the original copies with you in case they were asked for.
### The number of copies? The general rule is two unlegalized copies غير مصدقة from any copied document. They require two copies because one copy of your application would stay here in Jordan and the other would be sent to Germany. You need to have the original documents with you for comparisons.
### Nothing needs to be translated into German and no documents should be in Arabic. The rational is that one copy of your application would be sent to Germany.

### More insturctions from the website of the German embassy in Jordan (Source: