The DAAD Jordan has nothing to offer for medical doctors specializing in Germany!

I have always wondered if the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – The German Academic Exchange Service) gave any kind of scholarships to doctors specializing in German. Each year, this Nobel German organization gives tens of free Master and PhD scholarships for Jordanians . I read many announcement for scholarships in their website and in their facebook page (DAAD Information Center Amman | Facebook).

What about medical doctors? Does the DAAD offer Jordanian medical doctors any scholarships to complete their specialty in Germany? Or at least, any language courses? About two weeks ago, on November 6th 2013, the DAAD information Center Amman announced about language scholarships for Jordanian students in Germany.


Source: A post in the facebook page of DAAD information center Amman.

Although they specified that the scholarships are only for students, I wrote the following comment in the above post:


Firstly, I hoped that they might consider medical doctors aiming at a medical specialty in Germany to be students of some kind (For example, to be equivalent to master students). Secondly, if these announced language courses were not for medical doctors, I hoped that they would tell me what services they provide for medical doctors. Concerning this point, I should have contacted the DAAD that since at least 4 months ago when I first knew about it. But did I miss something by my carelessness? To the above comment, I got the following reply:


Without any delay, I sent an email to the above address. I got very nice emails from a Dr. Abdelnasser Hindawi.


So, as a medical doctor, I cannot apply for the above language courses scholarships. Nonetheless, I had some hope left; maybe more important than just a language course. Therefore, I asked about any other possible scholarships or courses for Jordanian medical doctors:


Almost one hour ago, I got the following reply from Dr. Hindawi. It turned out that I did not miss anything! Nonetheless, Dr. Hindawi sent me very useful links for medical doctors about specialty in Germany. I like them and hence, I was encouraged to write this post:

Dear Dr. Hijazeen,

On the website of the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) you will find all necessary information about specialty training in Germany.

You should also take a look at the Charité International Academy (ChIA) – it offers a continuing education program for healthcare professionals with an international focus.

You will find German language courses in any major city in Germany, start with: . It is recommended that you learn as much German as you can locally, while you are preparing your stay in Germany.

However, unfortunately the DAAD does not offer financial support for medical specialist training, only for PhD work, please look under for further information.

Best regards

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