Children of War Symposium at King Hussein Medical Center – Amman 2013

Jameel Khaleel Hijazeen with Dr. Andrew Ordon

Today, with Dr. Andrew Ordon at the Children of War Foundation Symposium – Amman 2013, King Hussein Medical Center, Amman, Jordan.

Dr. Andrew is a volunteer in a US organization called “Children of War Foundation”. During the previous days, outstanding surgeons from this organization were performing free operations on complex surgical cases at King Hussein Medical Center.
Dr. Andrew, along with his fellow American volunteers of the Children of War Foundation, gave lectures related to plastic surgery (You can see the schedule of this symposium at the events section of Medical Conferences in Jordan facebook page). They were very sophisticated lectures to the degree that I almost understood nothing! I am not embarrassed to say this because these guys were brought to Jordan, in the first place, to operate on inoperable cases that our Jordanian surgeons needed international experts to help them operate on!It was a nice experience. It is amazing to meet people whom every minute of their time counts! As long as these people are in Jordan, a smile is brought to the faces of many children and their families. Of interest, the team leader, a Japanese-American doctor, Dr. Mark M. Urata, said:

“I don’t treat my children, Japanese children, or Jordanian children… I treat the world’s children”.

Moa'bite and Anas Abu Saif, with Mark M. Urata DDS MD at the Children of War Foundation Symposium - Amman 2013, King Hussein Medical Center, Amman, Jordan.

Not only the children or their parents are happy. Surgeons of the Jordanian Royal Medical Services should be happy too. Today, Dr. Andrew was not able to give his scheduled lecture. The reason? He didn’t have a voice! So, I could deduce easily how much explanation has Dr. Andrew been giving!

All in all, one stands in awe in front of people who are spending their precious time, time in which they can easily make thousands of dollars, to help children they don’t know… Not children of my relatives, my tribe, my country, my religion… the world’s children 🙂

Logo of the Children of War Foundation

The Children of War Foundation: Thank you 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by مجلي بوالصه on 07/17/2013 at 22:25

    مبروك التخرج وانشاء الله نشوفك دكتور ناجح


    • شكرا أستاذ مجلي. عقبال عند أولادك. وشكرا على صيغة المباركة 🙂

      بالفعل… الأهم من التخرج كطبيب… هو أن تصبح طبيبا ناجحا… فما أكثر خريجو كليات الطب وما أقل الأطباء!

      شكرا مجددا.


  2. Posted by Omar on 08/20/2013 at 16:35

    Awesome man!! When and where did Dr Andrew Ordon come!! I would love to have met him damn!! I study dentistry at JUST, and how can we know when such people are coming around ?


    • Hi,

      The timing of the Children of Symposium at KHMC was at the same day I published this post. Dr. Andrew Ordon was there.

      You can know about such events through a facebook page called: “Medical Conferences in Jordan مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن. In it are published all the conferences and the major medical educational events that are to be held in Jordan.

      Best regards.


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