Is there a safe drug? Is there a drug without any side effects?

According to what my professors at medical school taught me, and to what I had learnt through my so far sixth-year long journey in medicine, the answer is: No! There is no drug without side effects.

To make sure of this conclusion, I searched google for terms like “drugs without side effects”, “a drug without side effects”, “no side effects drug”… etc. The previous search terms didn’t lead me to a name of a drug or a group of drugs that do not have side effects. In fact, these terms did not lead me to a single webpage that addresses this issue.

Happily, I reached a WHO page that helped me to confidently remove any possible doubts that I had:

No drug is without risk and all medicines have side effects, some of which can be fatal.

Source: “Medicines: safety of medicines – adverse drug reactions”, Fact sheet N°293, Updated October 2008, 

About one month ago, I came up with a statement that reflects this very important fact. That statement came to me in an epiphany after at least a 30-minute-long talk of rebuke by Dr. Eiad Tamimee, a Pediatric Gastroenterology doctor of mine at Mu’tah University, on the importance of us on over medicating our patients. After all, rebuking others can sometimes bring the most out of students! This might be the case with me!

I came up with my statement after remembering a statement I know that stresses the importance of asking questions:

What is a stupid question? 

A stupid question is the question that you do not ask. Or as my doctor answered after my asking him this question, “there is no stupid question”.

My suggested statement to reflect that all drugs have side effects:

What is the drug that does not have any side effects?

The drug that does not have any side effects is the drug that you do not take!

Did anyone else come up with the same statement? Am I copying this statement and attributing it to myself? Well, here are google results for this statement:


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