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Filetype: How to use google to search for PowerPoint presentations?

If you were asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation then you can use google to search for already prepared ones.

I am a Medical students. Through the following method, I can easily locate tens of presentations related to common topics in Medicine.

So, how to ask google to show results that are PowerPoint presentations?

In the main page of google, type the topic you want to search for. For example, “Pneumonia”. However, to only get results that are PowerPoint presentations, you need to add the following: “Filetype:ppt” or “Filetype:pptx“. PPT and PPTX are the extensions of PowerPoint files. See the images below:



Similarly, you can use this method to search for other file types. For example, if you want to search for word documents, type: “Pneumonia filetype:doc” or “Pneumonia filetype:docx“. Or if you want to search for PDF files, type: “Pneumonia filetype:pdf“.

My Rabbit Embryo Photo has gone viral and is being shared by tens of thousands of Arab users on Facebook as an “aborted baby” صورة طفل اجهض .. بالله عليك لا تخرج قبل ان تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان

Rabbit Embryo جنين أرنب

[This is a photo of a rabbit embryo. I took it in 2008. Notice the lower right corner, “Moabite© 2008”]

On the 13/09/2008, I published a post containing a photo of a rabbit embryo that I had taken in my house (You can read the details in that post here).

This photo soon became popular and is now the main source of visits to my Blog. In 2012, more than 50% of my blog visits through search engines was because of this single photo (You can read the full statistics of the year 2012 here).

Figure: Search terms that brought people to my blog in 2010.

Almost a year ago, I started to get many referred visits from a social website called “Tumblr”. The photo was circulated in that website without any details describing what the photo shows or, at other times, as a human embryo or a rabbit embryo. I traced some of these posts and saw that my photo was shared by about 800+ users. See this example here. Nonetheless, I never saw thousands of shares of my photo back then.

Almost one month ago, on the 25/08/2012, a niece of mine notified me of a Jordanian Facebook page (فليسقط كل من قال أن الشعب الاردني يريد انهاء النظام الملكي) that published my photo with the following caption:


“صورة طفل اجهض .. بالله عليك لا تخرج قبل ان تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان”
“A photo of an aborted baby .. I swear you by God that you do not go out before you press like and say Sobhan Allah”.

My photo received 143 likes and 3 shares. It was very interesting and I thought how famous my photo was! 143 likes of my photo by people who thought that it was of an aborted “human baby” was a lot! I knew little because this was only the beginning!

At that same day, again on the 25/08/2012, I discovered an Egyptian website (المصراوية) that had published my photo. This site, however, published it with the following amazing description. The problem is that the owner of this website cites “Reuters” as the source of what he posted:

A photo of a baby aborted before completing his growth صورة لطفل اجهض قبل اكتمال نموة
وقد التقطت الصورة هذة من داخل احدى مستشفيات كاليفورنيا بالولايات المتحدة الامريكية بعد اقدام احد الفتيات المراهقات على اجهاض نفسها داخل احدى المستشفيات هناك.
This photo was taken inside one of the hospitals in California in the United States of America after a teenage girl aborted herself in one of the hospitals there.

Today, I made a reverse image search only to be amazed of how small were the “143” likes in the Jordanian Facebook page. My photo is much more famous! On August the 25th, it turned out that another Arabic Facebook page (إضحك با إبن النكدية) had shared my photo. This page, however, is different because it has 1.5 million likes.

Arabic Facebook page (إضحك با إبن النكدية)

Arabic Facebook page (إضحك با إبن النكدية)

Again, they shared the photo not as aborted rabbit fetus but as an aborted baby (a human baby). This time, the aborted baby, maybe by the same Californian girl according to “Reuters”, received:



Finally, I was able to trace the internet pages that had published my photo by doing a Google Reverse Image Search. If some of the hundreds of thousands of those who liked the photo or shared it did that, I think that my photo wouldn’t have received such an attention for being an aborted “human baby”.

See the results page that anyone who would have performed a reverse image search could have seen:

Final Approximate Statistics: Arabic Facebook Pages that Published My Rabbit Embryo Photo as an “Aborted Human Baby” (up to 07.09.2012):

Page Likes Shares
اضحك يا ابن النكدية 103,472 12,519
إرفع رأسك فنبيك محمد 12,195 1,605
في هذا الزمان أصبح الحب مهنة الكاذبين 2,015 223
أشعار حزينة 1,703 87
كل حب لغير الله ينهار 1,495 470
هل تحب الرسول؟ انضم معنا عاوزين نشوف عدد أحبابه 1,476 175
بنات جدة 1,344 234
Rahim Ezz 577 94
حشوات وعفسات فايسبوكية 519 58
تهييس على طول 196 55
فليسقط كل من قال أن الشعب الاردني يريد انهاء النظام الملكي 143 2
مش عاوز نكد دا إحنا حنقول نكت 60 3
أجمل قصة حب 45 14
لجنة مساجد المدينة الجديدة 25 0
شياطين الفيسبوك 19 4
اللهم إني أسألك الجنة 15 2
ميدو للزنق والأغاني السودانية 11 0
قصر العشاق 10 1
ShoGaf 7aRetna Pp 7 0
Dou3a 6 3
إضراب عن الزواج حتى عودة المهر بربع جنيه 3 0
الموسوعة الثقافية الفيسبوكية 0 0
Movement of Libyan Youth شباب ليبيا الآن 0 0
Total: 125,336 15,549

صورة طفل أجهض لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان الله

صورة طفل مجهض... لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان الله

صورة طفل مجهض… لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان الله













More photos of the Arabic Facebook pages that shared my photo (All the above photos of Facebook pages are posted below in addition to other photos of other Facebook pages):

كيف تعرف الأسماء التجارية للأدوية المستخدمة في الأردن؟

هذه الخدمة موفرة من قبل نقابة الصيادلة الأردنيين. ما عليك سوى الدخول إلى الصفحة المذكورة في الأسفل وكتابة إسم الدواء العلمي أو التجاري للحصول على المعلومة التي تحتاجها.
مثلا، إذا كنت تحتاج لمعرفة الإسماء التجارية المتوفرة لـ Enalapril. فإنك تستطيع البحث بهذه المفرده لتخرج لك ليس فقط الأسماء التجارية له، بل أيضا التراكيز المتوفرة، الشكل الصيدلاني، بلد الشركة الصانعة والمستودعة.
هناك تفاصيل أخرى يمكنك التعرف عليها بسهولة من خلال هذه الخدمة المجانية من نقابة الصيادلة.

How do you qualify to be an author in a Medical Research? ما هي المعايير التي تؤهلك لكل تصبح مؤلف في بحث علمي

In Mu’tah faculty of Medicine, and Jordan University faculty of Medicine, there is no formal teaching or training to allow Medical students to conduct research by themselves. Almost certainly, this runs also on the remaining two faculties of Medicine in Jordan (At Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Hashemite University). I haven’t read or heard about the situation there so I can’t confirm this conclusion.

Back to Mu’tah and Jordan Universities, preparing a research, not to mention publishing one, is not part of the degree requirements to become a medical doctor. Therefore, students do research as an extracurricular activity.

During the past two years, I had the luck of dealing with many students doing research. One important thing that struck me is that many students have a misconception of how much contribution is enough to make someone eligible to be a co-author. During a study that I took part in, I asked some friends of mine to help me with distributing questionnaires and collecting them from university students. A comment that I always seemed to hear, “Well, I have collected 100+ questionnaires for you so far, why do not you make me a co-author with you in this study?”. Many think that if they simply help in data gathering, doing a literature review, data entry, data analysis, etc., then they can be eligible for authorship. But what could I have told them? From now on, I will be citing the following which happened with a colleague of mine.

My colleague submitted a paper to the Saudi Medical Journal (SMJ). As part of the reviewing process, SMJ sent him the following regarding who should qualify to be an author. The following would be a very good explanation to anyone who is new to the world of research:

“Authorship credit should be based on 1) substantial contributions to conception and design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; 2) intellectual content; and 3) final approval of the version to be published. Acquisition of funding, collection of data or general supervision of the research group, alone does not justify authorship.”

To sum it up, to be eligible for authorship doesn’t only require you to finish one task; be it a literature review, study design, data collection, data entry, data analysis, or manuscript writing. On the contrary, becoming a co-author means a combination of all of the above. Or at least, most of which.

Finally, as I sometimes say when I finish my talk about research: Happy researching!