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Umniah Evo: Thank you Umniah! إنترنت الجيل الثالث اللاسلكي من شركة أمنية: شكراً


Since less than a month ago, Jordanian Umniah started providing 3.75G internet services. My brother wanted to buy a new internet connection. We had many wireless options including Zain, WiTribe, Umniah WiMax, and Orange.

The prices which Uminah offered were very low compared to other operators not to mentione a promised speed of up to 42.2 MB/Second. My brother wanted a download limit of 10 GB. This comes in return for 10 JDs per month not including a sales tax of 8%.

Personally, because of the low prices and the promised high speed, I believed that there could be hidden fees or that the internet speed will be slow. But we did not have an option because for the same price, Zain gives you a download limit of only 5 GB.

Therefore, we took the plunge of buying a internet flash from Umniah. We bought a flash for a price of about 18 JD which gives you a speed of up to ~4MB/sec as the customer service empolyee said. Are we happy now that we have bought the flash memory?

We are absoultely happy. The internet speed is not less than 4 MB/sec in 90% of my testing it in I am currently in Safout\ Amman. I do not know if the situation is the same in Karak. The customer services employee, however, said that the internet coverage is available wherever Umniah mobile coverage is available.

What is more important, you do not need to download an application like Zain interent flash requires. The installation process takes seconds and you are online.

For making internet available to a higher percentage of Jordanians at high speeds and at low prices. I say to Umniah: Thank you! I really love this company!

Update 05/10/2013:

Now, almost one year after we first used Umniah 3G service, we are no longer continuing with it. The interent speed is very slow most hours of the day especially in the evening and at night. My brother many times called the customer care center. However, other than many promises of solving the problem, we did not receive anything. The service is still very bad! Almost two weeks ago, my brother stopped charging his Umniah Internet Dongle!

Shame on you Umniah! You had put me down!

Umniah: Shame on you... You broke my "heart"!

Umniah: Shame on you… You broke my “heart”!

• The broken heart photo,