Sixth Scientific Day of the Faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah University (09.04.2012)

Today, the 6th scientific day of my faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah Univesrity took place under the patronage of the presidenct of our University Dr. Abd Al-Raheem Al-Hnaitee. The coordinator of the event was Prof. Imad Farjou – Chairman of the scientific committee.



[Photo 1: A banner hanged in front of the faculty saying: Under the patronage of Prof. Abd Al-Raheem Al-Hnaitee, president  of Mu’tah University, the faculty of Medicien is organizing the sixth scientifc day. Monday 09.04.2012…]

[Photo 2: Opening ceremony: Seen in the image is the president of Mu’tah University Dr. Abd Al-Raheem Hnaitee and dean of the faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah University Dr. Bassam Neshewat. Source: Almadenah News, 09.04.2010, click here!]

Do Universities in the Arab World Care About Scientific Research?

In a press conference about the scientific day held on Saturday, 07.04.2012, the dean of our Faculty Dr. Bassam Neshewat said the following:

“وتنظم كلية الطب بجامعة مؤتة غدا، يوما علميا لتشجيع تقديم الابحاث العلمية من قبل الطلبة بالكلية… وبين الدكتور نشيوات ان 21 بحثا علميا و18 محاضرة علمية سوف تقدم في اليوم العلمي بمشاركة باحثين من الجامعة ووزارة الصحة والخدمات الطبية الملكية، معتبرا ان اليوم العلمي فرصة للطلبة لتبادل المعرفة والخبرات العلمية والعملية وتشجيع الطلبة على الاهتمام بالبحث العلمي بمختلف المعارف الطبية.

Tomorrow, the faculty of medicine in Mu’tah University is organizing a scientific day to encourage the students of the faculty to present scientific researches… and Dr. Neshewat showed that 21 scientific researches and 18 scientic lectures will be presented in the scientic day… considering that the scientific day is a chance for the students to exchnage knowledge and scientic and practical experience and encourage students to care for scientic research in the different scientific knowledges.”

المصدر source: “كلية الطب في جامعة مؤتة تعاني نقصا شديدا في هيئة التدريس”، جريدة الرأي، 07.04.2010،

Dr. Bassam… Thank you!


In a previous article of me regarding scientific research in the Arab world, I tried to find reasons why only 3 Arab Universities are ranked among the top 500 world universities (according to ARWU) while Isarael has 7 universities in the same list. In it I wrote:

“Do universities in the Arab world care about scientific research? Do our universities provides incentives to both doctors and students to do scientific research?”

“Scientific Research in the Arab World: Reality or fiction?”, Mo’abite, 05.02.2012.


Can we deduce from the statements of the dean that the answer is No? At least  to the first question?

Some might say, “Actions speaks louder than words”. Well, I have experienced the above statement practically. Today, Moa’bite was an “action”!

Today, some of the 21 scientific researches in the scientific day were presented by students who took part in these researches. Out of at least 11 students who spoke, Moa’bite was the speaker in two different researches.  How can such a student complain that his University doesn’t care about scientific research?

Moa'bite © 2012

This is the certification that I recived today. Unfortunately, although I participated in two researches, I was only given one certificate of acknowledgement regarding this fact. Why? Is it because they do not mention the name of the research? I do not know and I am afraid that this will cause me not to be able to have accreditation of my research in my future CV. The Certificate says:
“A Certification of Appreciation to certify that Jameel Hijazeen* has participated in the 6th scientific day as speaker/5th **year student (Not 6th year)”

* Hijazeen not Hjazeen \ ** Not “6th year student” but “5th year student”

On the other hand, I and my colleagues found a great difficulty in finding sponsoring doctors who donated their efforts and times to help us in preparing a research, but most importantly, to include us in the possible future publication of the research!

Producers… Not Only Consumers: One reason why I spent many days and nights in these two researches:

Back in school, one teacher of mine once said something like the following (I am paraphrasing):

We Arabs are only consumers… We do not produce anything! Let us do a simple experiment! Let everyone of you [students] check what he wears or owns now in the class room; Your shoes are from this country, your watches are from that country, the clothes that you wear… Even your flesh, if you think about it, is the result of food that is produced in foreign countries”

In order for an “developing” nation or country to develop, don’t you think that Scientifc Research is one importatn step towards that? Don’t you agree with “Science Prospects Magazien مجلة آفاق العلم” that:

Importance of Reading

[The photo: Knowledge can deliver us to more than we can imagine… Reading is the first step toward change!]


Finally, from this small podium, I repeat something similar to what I said in the begining of one my presentations:

“I would like to thank the persons without whom I would not have been given the honor of standing in front of such a distinguished audience & be a participant in such a scientific activity:

  • 1st Research: “Some Epidemiological Aspects of Hypertension Among Jordanian Inpatients”
    Prof. Imad Farjou and my colleagues Khalid Al-Sharia, Fadi Farah, Mohammed Al-Hamed, Oday Ma’aitah, and Amer Tobassi.
  • 2nd Research: “Perception of Menstruation and its Related Co-morbidities among Female Medical Students at Mu’tah University” Dr. Moamar Al-Jefout& Dr. Seham Abu-Fraijeh and my colleagues Ola Ma’aitah, Randa Qaisi, and Oday Ma’aitah.
    I have learnt a lot from or with you! Thank you all!

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