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“It makes sense to me!!!”

Haven’t you ever heard someone trying to prove their point of view by saying “It makes sense to me”?

Unfortunately,  I took part in conversations in which some people tried to prove their opinions not by logic, science, references, etc. but by the very “important” and “unshakable” proof that “it makes sense to them”!!! What is worst, such people may continue their “debate” by bringing another evidence, “What you are saying is not important to me!!!”.

When people do not have a logical answer to a question, I believe that most will use the above phrase. “My opinion is what matters,” they think, “whatever the ‘stupid’ person in front of me is saying, although I can not logically disprove, is not important because it doesn’t make sense to me! The only thing important is what makes sense to me!

On the other hand, it is even more “pathetic” if someone tried to convince others of his/her point of view by saying: “it doesn’t make sense to me!”.

I decided to write this post after watching the following video. This video shows a psychiatrist and a patient who have a “nihilistic delusion”.


In psychiatry, the delusion of the nonexistence of everything, especially of the self or part of the self.

Source: Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary, version 6.0, 2004

In this video, the psychiatris is trying to bring “the patient back to reality”. However, in one place, the doctor said a very illogical comment. The patient’s answer was incredible although he certainly did not pay much effort to come up with.

At one point, the following was said:

The doctor: “Do you think that it is a bit unusual that we are here having a conversation and that you feel that you are really dead… It doesn’t really make sense to me when I hear you say that!!!”

After a short pause, the patient answered: “It makes since to me!!!”