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Moa’bite participates in Amman International Marathon, Friday, 28.10.2011

Yes, I participated in a running competition for the first time in my life. I feel proud about this participation. On the other hand, I am not very proud of my result. However, I promise to do better in next marathons that I am planning to participate in. The next marathon I am planning to participate in is “Dead Sea Marathon”. In that marathon, I promise that will achieve a much better result.

Half an hour ago, and about 48 hours after the end of Amman’s International Marathon, I was able to know the place that I achieved by logging into the webiste of the marathon. At the day of the Marathon, I calculated the time that I used to finish the Marathon at 51 plus-minus 2 minutes. Was I correct in my calculations?


My timing is 53:31. In other words, It took me 53:31 minutes to run the 10 KM distance from in front of the Royal Cultural Center to the Roman Amphitheater in Down Town Amman.


“The 10 Km race route” Source: Amman Marathon Official Website,, retrieved: 30.10.2011

What is my rank? As you can notice in the picture above, they do not mention your rank. However, I can calculate my rank by counting how many people achieved times better than mine. My result was in the 8th page. Each page contained 50 participants. Only one participant separated me from the end of the list in page 8. This makes me in the rank of:

8 X 50 – 1 = 399

399 out of  how many participants? Very unfortunately, the Marathon website does not mention the total numbe of participants in the “10 km fun run”. However, the site reports a total number of 4180 of people who sucessfully completed both the 10 km fun run race and the 42 km race. How useful is such an information? How sad I am!!!

However, the following image gives you –and me- an idea about the number of people who participated in the 10 km race in which I took part. Probably, i am in the photo below. Can you find me?


(source of picture: Al-Arab Al-Youm Newspaper, سيطرة أثيوبية على ألقاب سامسونج ماراثون عمان الدولي, retrieved: 30.10.2011,

A few months from now, I am planning to participate in the Dead Sea Marathon. Hopefully, I will be back from the race only to write a post in my Blog declaring a better rank.

The following are photos that I took during my participation:

Update 1/10/2013: I have just read an article about photos copyrights. I have doubts now that anyone can sue you for posting a photo of him without his permission even if you removed it afterwards. I need to check that with a Jordanian lawyer!

In front of the ryoal cultural center at about 08:00 AM, less than 30 mins before the begining of the race. As you can notice, the great majority of the participants are school children. I am not surprised. How many adult Jordanians play sports?

Again and again, most of the participants are school children. The number of participants is small in this photo because the great majority of the participants were being held inside King Hussien Sports City.

10 minutes before the begining of the race. You can notice how close the participants are to each other. Most of use were trying to be as close as possible to the start line!!! As if this changes the results!!!

Seconds before the before the begining of the race. Notice the begining line in frnot of us. “Start 10 KM”

“To the finish line 195 meters” In front of the Roman Amphitheater in donw town Amman. I took this photo about 1 hour after I arrived. You can noticed that there are still some participants still arriving. This means that those you can see in the photo finished the race in not less than 2 hours.

Last but certainly not least, I decided to add the names of the people who achieved the best results in the 10 km race. I finished the race in 53 minutes, how fast did the winner finish the race?