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Youtube charts: Most viewed youtube videos 30.08.2010

youtube most viewed video 30.08.2010


Moabite starts his 3rd year in medicine

Less than 14 hours separates me from starting my 3rd year in Medicine. I should understand as much information as I can so that I can excel in the clinical training period that begins next june.

The Sex=cret… i want to learn

Lessons from RS

# because of how arrogant I am, when I started studying pathology, I headed toward WebPath and the CD compnaion of that pathology book. What is more, I didn’t study the short lectures but studies from the big long and complicated Basic Pathology book.

Now, as I am running out of time, I have no time to study only 30 slides of the Pathology lab. Why???

# Study lectures only from the doctors handouts. Don’t open books. Even pathology… Even anatomy… Just the lectures are enough!

Cousin got married… :)

Yesterday, I learnt to tie a tie. I learnt it from seeing a paper hanged to a tie bought by my brother.