Dr. Mamoun Ahram back to teach us at Mu’tah university

Last year, Dr. Ma’moun Ahram moved to word at King Hussien Cancer in Amman. He taught me biochemistry and molecular biology during my first 2 years in the faculty of medicine in Mu’tah Univeristy.

He is a special doctor; funny, intelligent, courageous, open-minded, jolly, has a sense of humor, very energetic… I regreted his moving away from our university.

Today was a very nice surprise. Our faculty has no biochemistry doctor anymore starting from this second semester. Whom did they bring? Yes, they called Dr. Ma’moun Ahram to come and give us the few biochemistry lectures we need. How happy and lucky am I!

I consider myself privilaged to having a chance to more know about Dr. Ma’moun, and to get new information from him. How much I love the way he teaches!

I respect you Dr. Ma’moun!

This is the first entry to write in my blog since months… Today is a special day… It must be recorded!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jude Al-Hourani on 01/09/2012 at 19:27

    He’s a wonderful Doctor , teaching us genetics at the Hashemite University
    p.s. I’m a second year medical student


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