Why did the Hijazeen family chose Smakieh of Karak to live in?

Mohammed Qudah is a third medical student in Mu’tah university. He come from the governorate of Ajloun in the north of Jordan. Comparing Ajloun and Karak, Ajloun contains a lot more of water and trees.

Mohammed asked Moa’bite today, "Why did Hijazeen choose Karak to live in? Karak… Why people chose to live here? There is no trees no water… Why?"
Mo’abite never thought or heard of such a question, so he said, "Hijazeen originally came from Saudi Arabia. My great grandfathers just migrated to Smakieh. They build their houses and started a village!" Mo’abite thought that this was a reasonalbe answer.
Mohammed wasn’t satisfied with the answer. So he calmly and cleverly commented, "What made Hijazeen migrate to Smakieh could have made them migrate to a better geographical location!"
Mo’abite was speechless. The guy in front of him is thinking logically. Moa’bite just kept silent. He added no more.

So, why did Hijazeen chose Smakieh to live in? Why did they choose Karak in the first place? Couldn’t they simply migrate to a place, as Mohammed described it, where there is "water and trees"?

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  1. Posted by مجلي بوالصه on 11/24/2010 at 13:25

    لthis happened because of our bad luck they could have chosen a place nearer to Amman for example


    • I wish they did! Karak is the best governorate in Jordan… Not geographically certainlly… But with its people… I agree with you and I wish that Smakieh and Karak were nearer to Amman! Isolation is very harmful! Thanks!


  2. Posted by ashraf j on 09/21/2012 at 16:06

    Smakyeh and villages around it were full of water and green grass, they stteled there since they have found whta they were looking for, in addtion to that they found the closest place to rest , i guess they never knew that there is good location to settle in the north.


    • Thanks for your comment. I like your idea that they never knew there was a better place! 🙂

      However, do you think that Smakieh is or has once been full of water and green grass? Have you ever been to Smakieh? Do you know the distance that people had to travel in order to reach the nearest running water either in Baloua or in Al-Moarajeh (Sael Al-Mujeb)? It is not less than 2 hours as I once was told and I can expect it to be. Moreover, the average rainfall on Smakieh is always very low compared to northern areas of Jordan. How much green grass can this rainfall produce?


  3. Posted by Loai Hijazin on 10/27/2014 at 11:30

    Hijazeen family orginaly from Saudi Arabia, they migrated to Jordan in the 19th century, they were brought to Al-smakia by Al-Majali family who were settled in al-krak at the time, they used hijazin family as a defiance line between them an Al-Amir family. at that time there were many clashes between Al-Majali & Al-Amir.


    • Thanks for the comment 🙂

      – Hijazeen family was in Saudi Arabia > Wadi Musa > Karak City > Smakieh. What do you think about this order?
      – “… as a “defence” line between them and Bani Saqher”. I think! In other words, against the raids of the Bedouins in the east.

      At that time, up to the 1930s as I read in John Bagot Glubbb’s كلوب باشا book “A soldier with the Arabs”, raids between tribes was common. In his book, Glubb spoke about Saudi Tribes raiding Jordanian tribes, and vice versa (I do not remeber the details as I read this book in the ninth grade).

      Moreover, clashes between Al-Majali and Al-Amer were much earlier. I think they were before the establishment of Smakieh.

      But what we can both agree on, Smakieh was to be the first barrier to be met by the attackers who came from the east of Qaser.

      I think the best source to learn about history is present in western books and Journals. For a short time before three to four years, such books were available free through Google Books. Later on, unfortunately, they were removed on the basis of copyrights infringements.

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. The question of the post remains: After Smakieh, “Couldn’t they simply migrate to a place, as Mohammed described it, where there is ‘water and trees’?”


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