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Electronic Medical Library, Faculty of Medicine, Mu’tah University

Today, we announced the innaguration of the Medical E-Library. Will it succeede? Will students react positively with this idea? Will anyone participate?

I only fear that some will not accept the fact that Moa’bite is a part of this project. This is because I know that I am not a sociable person.

On the other hand, I always announce that the library is owned\ supervised\ was invented by “we- the students”.

# Will I have learnt to read ECG by the end of this week?
# I will start working on my CVS seminar from tomorrow. I am very lucky to be supervised by Dr. Waleed Rifa’t.
# For the first time since entering the medical school in Mu’tah university, Dr. Waleed called my by my first name, “Jameel”. In other words, Dr. Waleed now knows my name. But why? This is because he was present thursday afternoon during the lecture about Swine Flu in Karak. I participated in that discussion by asking a question to the governorate of Karak- Fawwaz Najeeb Rshedat.
N.B. I didn’t know that governors are funny! I thought that official people should not joke!

Finally after more than 3 years from entering the faculty of Medicine, they taught us today how to measure Blood Pressure

Now, all steps of measuring blood pressure make sense to me. I would love to work in a hospital and start measuring blood pressure.

What is more, the view of a student holding a stethoscope around his neck is magnificent! Medicine is becoming more and more interesting!

Why did the Hijazeen family chose Smakieh of Karak to live in?

Mohammed Qudah is a third medical student in Mu’tah university. He come from the governorate of Ajloun in the north of Jordan. Comparing Ajloun and Karak, Ajloun contains a lot more of water and trees.

Mohammed asked Moa’bite today, "Why did Hijazeen choose Karak to live in? Karak… Why people chose to live here? There is no trees no water… Why?"
Mo’abite never thought or heard of such a question, so he said, "Hijazeen originally came from Saudi Arabia. My great grandfathers just migrated to Smakieh. They build their houses and started a village!" Mo’abite thought that this was a reasonalbe answer.
Mohammed wasn’t satisfied with the answer. So he calmly and cleverly commented, "What made Hijazeen migrate to Smakieh could have made them migrate to a better geographical location!"
Mo’abite was speechless. The guy in front of him is thinking logically. Moa’bite just kept silent. He added no more.

So, why did Hijazeen chose Smakieh to live in? Why did they choose Karak in the first place? Couldn’t they simply migrate to a place, as Mohammed described it, where there is "water and trees"?