First case of swine flu appear in the faculty of medicine of Mu’tah university

Yesterday the first, as I was in Mu’tah-Qaser bus, a third year medical student boarded the bus with us. X is from Amman. When I saw him, I shook hands with him. He was standing beside me because the bus was full of passengers.

Because I know that X lives in Thanieh, I asked him why he is boarding this bus of a different route than where he lives. “I am tired!” He answered like a really sick person. Only then I noticed that he looks like an ill person. “The primary health center in the unviersity didn’t help me! I am going to Prince Ali Hospital”.

“Do you have a history of asthma?” I asked him. “No!” He ansewered. He didn’t have an idea of what is the problem with him.

For more than 15 minutes, X stood beside me. I was sitting at a very narrow space of a bus seat that is designed to accomodate 2 passengers not 3. I was this third person. Though as small space I was sitting on, I offered X to sit instead of me. He silently refused. During the way, I talked with him about exams. He looked down at me because my body was vitrually below his.

Yesterday, X was absent. i didn’t notice that.

Today, a very distressing news spread quickly among our whole batch. “A swine flu case was discovered.” and to my bad luck, X was the one who got it.

At the begining, it didn’t seem an important news to me. I read that it is a treatable disease and is no danger to healthy young adults. Moreover, I happily told the story of my boarding the bus with X minutes before his admission to hospital.

Virtually, I was the last student to have touched and talked with X.

Soon, students started commenting about the possibility of my getting an infection. Yes, I was afraid then. It was a joke no more.

Now, I am afraid that I got the virus from X. Am I still in the incubation period? I have no signs and symptoms. During late afternoon, however, I felt that I had a little high temperature. To me, this is normal. During the last weeks, I wore only thin clothes. When sleeping at night, I slept in shorts and T-Shirts. So, I might only have common cold or in the worst cases, normal influenza. More optimistically, at 5 o’clock this evening, I took a Panadol tablet, it worked very well and now I feel no high temperature nor any kind of dizzeness or headachs.

Since I arrived at home, I am staying in my basement room. I didn’t come into contact with my parents. Both are old and have hypertension. My father is on many drugs at the moment (anti-hypertensive, anti-coagulative, prostate drugs) He is has a lot of risk factors, doesn’t he?

Will I develp swine flu? I am not afraid of not being treated but afraid of how many days I will have to be away from univesity. I will miss a lot of lectures not to mention practical labs. This is what I fear the most!

is there any prophylactic drugs for swine flu? Should i take these drugs without waiting to see the signs and symptoms? Yes, I should have taken drugs since mid-day. Tomorrow, I should buy drugs.

If by saturday I haven’t develped any symptoms, this means that I passed the incubation period of the disease. Please…

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