Have you ever eaten testicles?

*** Warning: This article is only for strong-hearted people 😉 ***

*** Another Warning: People from Jordan, can read this post without hesitation. They just understand! ***

Today, my Mother cooked us a very delicious Mansaf. Mansaf is a famous traditional dish in Jordan. Karak, my governorate, is famous for cooking this dish.

Today’s Mansaf was different; It didn’t only contain goat meat, but also, it contained a weird clyndrical-like piece of meat. This piece of meat was white-colored. It was lying there as if boasting as being the only one of its kind in our Mansaf.

“Is this a testicle?” I asked silently and slowly. In front of Mansaf, I don’t usually hesitate; There is always something to eat. Even if there is little amount of meat, the rice, BAGDONES, and syrup is delicious enough. Today, I hesitated.

“So this is what Dr. Hareega talked about…” I rememberd a very funny post by Dr. Fares Masanat- Hareega at www.hareega.blogspot.com. Dr. Masanat is a Jordanian physician working in the USA. That post was about him trying to buy “testicles” in the USA. I remeber he called this part of the goat’s body, “Beed”. Which means in Arabic, “Eggs!”….

[Wait! I now can describe the shape of this “weird clyndrical-like piece of meat.”… Yes! It is egg-shaped. This must be the cause why it is called “Beed” or “Eggs” in Arabic… Ah! Do you agree with me? I am not sure. I have just got this explanation in an Epiphany!]

“Yes, it is a testicle…” I heard. I was then sent into deep thinking, “Should I eat it or not?” After sternuous thinking, I said to myself, “If Dr. Hareega said that he loved them… I am sure it wouldn’t be a problem for me to try them!”

Next, encouraged by the opinion of Dr. Hareega, I grabbed this little lonely “egg-shaped” testicle. Then, I did it…

One bite… Second bite… A part of me told me to stop but another part wanted to find out what special taste it had… I continued eating. Finally, I reached a quick answer”:

“Lamb testicles, cooked with Mansaf, are roughly the same taste as the goat’s brain that is cooked with Mansaf!”

A small fraction of the testicle was left in my hand. In order to hide its weird taste, I ate it with a spoon of rice. The taste of the Mansaf rice was strong enough to hide its taste.

Will I eat testicles again? Soemtimes, people do things once in their whole life-time. This describes me today! Firstly and foremost, I tasted testicles because I wanted to know how they taste! Secondly, I wanted to know what special is about them that a Jordanian physician – Dr. Hareega- took the plunge of trying to buy testicles in the USA.

*. NB, I have just finished writing this post at my home where I don’t have an internet connection. This is why I am using the word “remeber” to talk about the post of Dr. Hareega.

# Update 30.08.2010:
See what reactions Dr. Hareega got here:

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