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The Highest Average in Tawjihi 2009 in Jordan: 99.1% by Qutaibeh Hassan Sabha. By chance, Moabite meets “Hassan”!

[In the photo on the left, you can see the old man whom I met. The photo shows Hassan Sabha celebrating the average of  his son, Qutaibeh. I found it in Alghad newspaper website.
In the photo on the right, the marks of Qutaibeh. The lowest of which is the Arabic Language mark 66/70]

Finally, I have something interesting to write about. “Travel More… You will see more!” Truly, if I stayed in Smakieh, I would never have had the chance of meeting this person I met today. How lucky was I to get this chance! I am really proud to write about it in my Blog!

Yesterday, I arrived in Irbid at my brother’s. I left Smakieh at 10:25 and arrived in Irbid little before 4 o’clock. It was a very long journey!

Who did Moabite meet? Why does he feel very happy now?

Minutes ago, I was searching to buy empty DVDs in Yarmook University Street in Irbid. شارع الجامعة I entered this computer shop. There were 3 Omani girls standing inside. I ignored them and immediately headed to the vendor. The vendor, a young guy aged 28 year-old as I deduced from our later conversation, was talking to an old man. As soon as I neared them, the old man spoke to me. His voice was very soft. His hair was totally white. He was about 1.7 M tall. A very huge smile was drawn on this man’s face. He was very happy. Why? You don’t usually find extremely happy people around you in Jordan!

“He says that my son’s marks are not real!” He told me happily, proudly and as if he knew me!

For moments, I didn’t understand what was going on. What is this old man talking about? I thought. The old man then continued, “…average is 99.1%” Suddenly, I knew what he was talking about. I did not only understand that it is about some student’s marks in Tawjihi, but also, I knew the student who got those marks. Yes, how can’t I? The average of 99.1% was got by only one student in Jordan. This student is named, “Qutaibeh!” I saw him on Jordan TV.

–         “Qutaibeh!” I said, after little thinking. I said it like a happy student answering a question.

I was right. The man who was standing in front of me was the father of the First student in Tawjihi of 2009. How happy was I! I was then happier than the proud father himself!

Next thing I did, without hesitation, was shaking hands with the proud father. Because he was catching firmly to his son’s marks, he took some time to shake my hands.

I decided to make advantage of this extraordinary meeting. I acted like a reporter. I wanted to write the information I get in my Blog.

–         “Did your son prepare to Tawjihi a year before?” This was my first question. Actually, I was very quick and very confused that my question wasn’t comprehensible.

–         “What is your son going to study?” I changed my question.

–         “Medicine!” He answered even more proudly.

–         “Where?” I said as if remembering a very important question. Will he study in USA? Britain? He can choose whatever country to study in, won’t he? Won’t he be given a scholarship by the Ministry of Education? I think that he will choose the USA. I thought.

–         “Jordan University of Science and Technology!” This is where his son will study. I was amazed. Why?

–         “But why?”

–         “It is better!” The father simply said. He elaborated vaguely, “Irbid… here… relatives…” He finally said, “He will get a scholarship!” The father was in a hurry. I asked him to see the marks.

–         “Can I see them?” I asked him. “So that I can say that I saw the marks of the student who got the highest average in whole Jordan.” I said. The father didn’t comment. He simply held the orange-colored paper in front of me. “100…110” Then I stopped, I noticed the Arabic Language mark, it was 66. I asked him about the reason. I can’t recall exactly what he answered.

The father then started to walk. I asked, then from a distance, “Are you a doctor?” “I am an Engineer!” He answered with the same smile still drawn on his face. “Where can I find a scanner?” He asked the vendor from a distance. I guess that he wants to hang a copy of the marks in his house. Why wouldn’t he!

Next, I talked to the vendor. “Do you know that that man’s son got the highest average in Jordan?” “I just remembered that I finished Tawjihi 10 years ago!” He stupidly answered to hide his ignorance. To make it worst, he started to say how people who are successful in “Schools” are not always “successful” in life. What is more, he argued that the most successful physician failed many times before succeeding. I was interested in this last comment, so I asked him to give me an example. “… I don’t recall!” That’s how our conversation ended and I started to talk about what brought me into the shop, “4 DVDs… One JD?” I bought four.