Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Today’s morning, I downloaded some funny videos from the  internet. It was the first time I use the wireless network of the new Faculty of Medicine in Mu’tah University. It is amazing how Medical Students of Mu’tah University now have a modern and hi-tech faculty! The new faculty costed more than 4 million JDs. How lucky we are!

Many of the names of the downloaded videos contained “Dakota”. I knew that there are American states by this name (South and North Dakotas). I was amazed to find out that it was a girl’s name. This girl do not only have an unusual name, but also she is an unusual child! She aged 9 or 10 years when she won a “Best Actress” Award.

Well, this might be good. But what is most interesting is her personality. Amazing! She is very funny! She acts like an Adult! She is the funniest child I have ever watched!

In one of the interviews, a person shouts amazed, “How cute is she!”.

She is probably and adult now. Will she be as funny as she was when she was 9 or 10-year old?

If you watch her imitating Mexicans, I believe you will think that she needs to be a Stand-up Comedian. How funny, realistic, and beautiful are her imitations!

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