A very funny post by Hareega

* David Letterman: “Anybody here from Minnesota? Congratulations, you have a brand new senator, our old friend, Al Franken. Al is an interesting guy. Went from being a comedian to politician. George Bush, the other way around.”

* Barack Obama visited Ghana. He was expecting people there to commend the US on electing a black president, but the Ghanaians said it’s no big deal. So far they have elected 12 black men to be their president

* If you’re a doctor and you have patients who wake up after a few days of being unconscious, it’s not cool to tell them it’s 2013. Sometimes they might believe you.

For the whole Post:


*. I am just interested to know if blogspot.com can discoever if a certain blog is linking to your blog. Will my blog be shown in he section called:  “Links to this post”. This is my first time to try it!

One improtant thing, this entry is really very funny. I am not only testing this service by blogger.com!

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  1. thanks for checking it out!


  2. thx, I missed that one!


  3. Posted by Moabite on 07/14/2009 at 00:31

    Kinziblogs: You are always welcome!


  4. Posted by Moabite on 07/14/2009 at 00:32

    Hareega… Your words are often new to me… “Check out” is new…
    transitive verb take a look at something: to visit a place briefly to get information about it (informal)
    Let’s check out the new pizza place on 44th Street.
    Microsoft® Encarta® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Oh! I must thank you too… Yesterday, while I was sitting in the library of Mu’tah university studying on my Military History exam, I suddenly laughed.

    My friend, who was sitting opposite me, noticed it. How could I explain my sudden laugh to him? I said nothing… Just continued laughing… We weren’t in a suitable place for me to tell him about this funny post I read in your blog.

    Really, I am not exaggerating… I laughed because I remebered a part of your post… The one about George Bus going the other way around!
    This is why I keep coming back to your blog, either what you write or select is often funny! Yesterday, I can say that you “made my day”! It was a long time since I read a really funny stuff!

    Concerning my experiment: The URL of this page doesn’t appear in your post beside that of “Quawider” under “Links to this post!” It is a blogspot thing then!


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