Rachel Cleary: “This word is so bad that I haven’t proably said it in my life!”

What kind of word that my English teacher couldn’t have ‘probably’ said in her life? I and the students in the English village class in Mu’tah university were amazed at how intense, emotional, and almost agressive our English teacher, Miss Rachel Cleary became. But what was said that bothere her?

A student started a questoin, with a modest English, saying, “Negro!” The teacher didn’t give herself nor us a time to understand what the question is about. She just answered him very quickly and strongly. I couldn’t imagine how a smily, jolly, and joking person can become furious as she was. Women!

“This is the worst word in English language!” She stated confidently. Wow! I didn’t know that such a word is that bad. She continued only not to let anyperson have the chance to think of the innocence of this word against the charges against it. To prove her point of view, she only asked a question. She is smart to have asked such a question. When you put yourself in other’s places, you can understand what they feel. When teacher rachel asked that question, I could understand what she thought about this word. She asked:

“What is the most horrible Arabic word?”

She gave us little time to think. Later in my house, it took me minutes to think of an answer. She then said only to deliver her idea effectively and strongly, “Negro is like this most horrible Arabic word!” Wow! How could she come with such a comparison? Again, “Women”!

The most horrible Arabic word in my opinion could be “Infidel”. I hate this word because it is a sterotype against those not following a certain religion. As Negro is sterotyping against a human beingjust because of the color of his skin, an infidel sterotype against a human beings for freely choosing his religion!

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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